A website to promote eco-friendly delivery companies in Lyon

A website to promote eco-friendly delivery companies in Lyon

Violet Field inPlanetJan 18, 2021 2 min read5 views

The city of Lyon and LPA, Lyon Parc Auto have joined forces to highlight delivery companies that choose ecology by using "carbon-free vehicles"

Illustration of a delivery man on a bicycle. - A.Geodakyan / Sipa

An additional step towards ecological transition. On Friday, the Lyon city hall announced that it was partnering with LPA, Lyon Parc Auto in order to promote delivery professionals who make or will choose “carbon-free vehicles” to transport their goods. By that means a company that uses bicycles, electric cars, or those that do not emit CO2. And who are also committed to "respecting human values at work".

"If the withdrawal of goods from stores in a certain axis of development, home delivery is another essential vector of diversification", they say in a press release.

The @villedelyon and @lpa_officiel are teaming up with the launch of the “My Zen delivery” page, to promote local and ethical delivery companies, using carbon-free vehicles. #Lyon #lastKM

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- Grégory Doucet (@Gregorydoucet) January 13, 2021

Concretely, an information page has been put online on the Internet to identify the signatory companies of the project called “My ZEN delivery”. "This approach also allows our fellow citizens to take an active part in the ecological transition by encouraging them to promote the actors who favor these services", explains LPA, inviting "the actors who organize the low-carbon logistics of the last km" to unite around of them.