A penguin collected by a care center near Bayonne

A penguin collected by a care center near Bayonne

Violet Field inPlanetJan 5, 2021 1 min read1 views

Hegalaldia, a wildlife conservation center, on January 1 found a weakened penguin on the Landes coast

A penguin was collected on January 1 by a wild animal care center located in the Pyrénées Atlantiques. - Hegalaldia

At the start of 2021, the first animal to be welcomed by the Hegalaldia wildlife conservation center, located in Ustaritz, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, is a twisted penguin. Probably injured by a drift net, he was found weakened on a beach in the Landes. The specialized center, judging her injuries to be light, has "good hopes of being able to treat her ailments as soon as possible!" ".

The presence of a penguin on the Atlantic coast is not uncommon according to the center, which specifies that the "torda [is] the only penguin in the world that we can find in our latitudes". Penguins do not know how to fly and cannot leave the poles.