A baby seal washed up on a beach in Lacanau rescued

A baby seal washed up on a beach in Lacanau rescued

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A couple of walkers sounded the alert to help rescue the injured animal

This baby seal ran aground on Lacanau beach - association Vénus

They joined forces to ensure the rescue of this baby seal, stranded on a beach in Lacanau, in Gironde. The association for the defense of animals Venus, tells how she was contacted by a couple of walkers, fell on Monday afternoon on the animal, rejected by the ocean.

“A couple and their dog came across this baby seal in distress, a wildlife organization told us to leave it on the beach” explains the association, which immediately contacted the Lacanau firefighters. The animal was then transferred to the care center of the Ligue de protection des Oiseaux (LPO) Aquitaine, located in Audenge, which provided first aid.

"He had quite a few injuries all over his body"

"We took it in on Monday evening and we kept it until Tuesday morning, " Noriane Rhouy, from the LPO, told 20Minutes. He had quite a few injuries all over his body, especially the posterior area, and an abscess on one front leg. We performed emergency first aid and rehydrated him. We regularly receive baby seals during the winter period, since they are very present on our coasts. You should know that weaning in seals is quite fast since after three weeks the mother leaves overnight, it is then left to itself. Our beaches are very busy, they are often disturbed, which adds constraints to their development. "

The animal was transported on Tuesday to the aquarium in Biarritz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), where it will continue to be treated, before being released into the wild.