Will a holiday without corona be possible?

Will a holiday without corona be possible?

Violet Field inLifestyleMay 15, 2020 5 min read98 views

One of the sectors most affected by the known epidemic was tourism. Due to Kovid-19, everyone had canceled their holiday and holiday reservations as soon as the outbreak occurred. What about summer vacation?

These days when we stay at home, as the weather gets warmer, we all started to miss the holiday and think black and white. 

I wonder if we can go on vacation this summer? How do we protect ourselves if we can go? Where is it safer? Hotel or home?

These questions do not have a clear and precise answer yet, but with the data at hand and a little imagination, we will detail the issue.

1. Camping in nature can be both safe and enjoyable in this process. It is a great chance for us that there are many beautiful places to camp in every corner of our country.

Some of the most well-known campsites in Turkey:

  • butterfly Valley

  • Tenedos

  • Cunda Island 

  • Akyaka

  • Asos

Of course, look at choosing one of the most secluded than the most known of you

2. For those who say 'I cannot stay in a tent', bungalow accommodation in nature can also be preferred.

Do not forget to take disinfectant and soap with you. Note that soaps and shampoos are not provided in such places. If you are not comfortable with hygiene, you may also consider taking your own pillowcase and using it.

3. Apart-hotels are among the relatively safe holiday places, as they have a small capacity and you will have your meals in the room.

If you say 'I can't deal with cooking on vacation', our answer is ready. 

4. Boutique hotels will be among the most preferred if we go on holiday this year 

The beauty of boutique hotels is that they are both comfortable and have very few rooms. So much so that some boutique hotels only have 4 rooms. In boutique hotels, food is also served for a fee.

5. Large hotels will not operate at full capacity this summer and will take extra measures.

If there is a good hotel you trust, you can first talk to the authorities and decide if the measures they take are sufficient for you.

Of course, many questions come to mind when it comes to the holiday village. How will the buffet be? Does coronavirus pass through the sea? How will the room cleaning be?

We have detailed all of them below so that you do not have any questions in your mind.

First of all, let's state that this picture is mixed with the past. There will be glass protection between you and the staff at the reception. The entrance to the hotel will be made on the computer screen without contact.

When entering the hotel, your fever will be measured and you will be directed to the hospital in case of doubt.

In hotels, the key or card system is also history. You will be able to enter your room by reading the QR code to be installed on your phone.

One of the biggest question marks in the holiday villages in the open buffet. It was said that 'the buffet is going to be history' but the hotel officials announced that they will continue the buffet system by taking the necessary precautions.

Buffet application will continue in the hotel restaurants, but the dishes will be behind a glass screen and you will not buy the dishes yourself, the hotel staff will serve the dish you want.

The distance between the tables at the restaurants will be rearranged to be at least 1 meter.

It is said that there is no possibility of coronavirus transmission from the sea or pool. However, even though it is not contaminated by water as a result of contact with an infected person, there is a possibility of contamination while in the water. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the social distance in the sea and the pool. The distance between sun loungers in hotels will also be increased.