'Unpredictable' combinations on the dining table

'Unpredictable' combinations on the dining table

Violet Field inLifestyleJun 8, 2020 6 min read7 views

You probably know that champagne goes with strawberries, red wine and steak, white wine with seafood ... but there are many other interesting combinations.

According to Matthieu Yamoum, Food Manager at Baccarat Hotel (New York), most of us haven't realized that any food, once processed, goes well with an alcoholic beverage... He also shared that while the whole world is still affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, many unopened restaurants would be worth trying out new combinations on your own and he came up with 9. suggestions below. 

1. Champagne and Thai food

Mr. Yamoum grew up in the Champagne region of France and he confirmed that the bottles here are very suitable for Thai food. A native of Thailand and possessing a Thai restaurant, Yamoum is no stranger to the combination of Southeast Asian food and wine in his meals. Yamoum shared, Thai food and champagne all have certain things in common, they all need some ginger, lemongrass, and kumquat to create a cool and sour taste. You can make or buy goods such as Pad Thai, Penang curry with special lemongrass and coconut milk, papaya salad ... These are the perfect dishes with mild acidity, compatible with champagne. 

2. Tequila with a green salad

A famous bartender in Edinburgh (Iain McPherson) said that tequila Blanco (also known as silver tequila) gives a fresh flavor, very suitable for the salad of green vegetables. Plates of salad always bring a fresh feeling, a little salty from vinegar oil, making the tequila cup become bold. Such a salad is made quite simply, with familiar ingredients such as lettuce, kale, adding some bell peppers, carrots, tomatoes ... If you like protein in salads, you should use slices of grilled chicken breast, shrimp, or a bit of fish. Do not use red meat because they are quite heavy, reducing the consistency of the salad. McPherson also added that the taste of Blanco tequila is best if used right after pouring straight from the bottle, but if you like, you can still mix some lemon juice and a little ice. 

3. Midori liqueur (Japan) comes with jambon 

Midori is a sweet Japanese wine with the characteristic green color of cucumber, and this wine has long been known as an indispensable ingredient in many cocktails, such as Midori. sour. Cheap and easy to find, Midori is becoming more and more popular, appearing in many complex cocktails. Midori must be chilled, especially good when combined with bacon, jambon, prosciutto, mortadella, or salami. The sweet aroma of melon and the salty taste of bacon will alternate the flavor of the other, creating a great taste feast. We can eat bacon sandwich spread with a thin layer of mayonnaise, but should not add anything because the alcohol and meat taste is too strong.

4. Vodka martini served with taco

Agostino Perrone, head of the bar at The Connaught London, said that martini vodka would go well with Mexican taco crackers. Taco is best when made from corn flour rather than wheat flour because the crust has a certain crunchiness, very suitable when paired with an olive or a little lemon, which is already the familiar condiment with all kinds of Martini. In addition, Perrone also said that vermouth, an essential ingredient of martini, has a herbal flavor that complements the crisp taco. Taco can be processed with beef, shrimp, fish, pork ... 

5. Sweet wine and pasta with cheese sauce

Mr. Yamoum guarantees the "top quality" of this combination. According to him, dessert wine is inherently sweet so it is not suitable to combine with other sweet foods. Cheese is often salty and pungent, so using a dessert wine with a sweetness will drown out the cheese's pungency. Roquefort sheep's milk cheese is recommended by Yamoum for its pungency and softness. There are also plenty of wine choices available to you, even affordable bottles of wine at nearby pubs can provide a delicious meal. Nevertheless, precious wines will enhance the experience when enjoying this combination.

6. Gin, tonic with Indian food

Indian food is characterized by a very strong traditional spice with turmeric, cloves, cumin, cardamom, black pepper ... Gin is also a strong alcoholic beverage. According to McPherson, gin takes the multi-texture of Indian cuisine to the next level, especially curry, as both have many ingredients. Two drinks and food complement each other's traits, but neither overwhelms the other. If this combination is a bit heavy, try a mix of gin and a little tonic water, as the combination of alcohol and soda reduces the weight of the wine, calming the aroma of Indian flavors.

7. Single malt whiskey and ice cream

Mr. Yamoum shared that Scottish single malt whiskey, aged long in wooden casks, has a sweet taste and goes well with ice cream, a dessert that everyone loves. Yamoum personally likes to eat with vanilla ice cream, but slightly bitter creams like coffee, caramel, chocolate are also more suitable and interesting than you can eat ice cream sandwiches. Without Scotch, bourbon, rye or Japanese, Irish whiskey are also good alternatives.

8. Italian Negroni cocktails and appetizers 

Agostino Perrone is an Italian and like many other compatriots, he drinks Negroni every day. This is a traditional Italian drink combining gin, sweet vermouth, and campari liqueur. And every time he enjoyed a Negroni, he served mezze hummus and baba ghanous sauce, along with crackers, pita (Greek bread), and a plate of raw vegetables with cabbage and carrots. Agostino also said that each component of Negroni wine enhances the flavor of the dipping sauce, just up the smell of smoke and greasy taste. Every piece of cake with Negroni is velvety, making us want to eat more.

9. Mexican Mezcal and hamburger

According to Mr. McPherson, Mezcal wine is originated from Mexico, has a characteristic light smoke, creating a perfect combination with savory and spicy burger beef. When you enjoy this combination, you will feel like beef has been smoked all day. For the best taste, McPherson recommends starting with a combination of chilled Mezcal and then trying a burger. If the smoke in the wine is too heavy, you can mix it with soda or make it into a cocktail with jalapeno peppers.