The restaurant is located under a laden lemon tree

The restaurant is located under a laden lemon tree

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ITALY The restaurant in Capri region uses large lemon canopies, wrong yellow fruit to make roofs, decorated with green eyes to turn the scenery here like a fairy garden.

Da Paolino is one of the most favorite restaurants in Capri, Italy thanks to false yellow citrus.  Diners eat under the shade of a cool green lemon tree, giving off a faint aroma. Diners dine outdoors under the natural roof formed from lush green passion fruit branches, giving off a faint aroma. 

Refreshing, refreshing is the feeling the restaurant gives diners as soon as they set foot in the inner space. Da Paolino is decorated with two tones of green and white, alternating with the yellow color of the lemon, creating a landscape like a fairy garden. Photo Eye-swoon 

Lemon is considered as a symbol of Capri, you can see it everywhere in the city. Large lemon, rough skin with a pleasant aroma. The lemon canopy is wide and roofed throughout the restaurant, so it's cool during the day. At night, sparkling lights wrapped around each tree branch create a cozy, romantic atmosphere, making Da Paolino an ideal dating place for couples. Photo Eye-swoon 

The restaurant features traditional Italian Caprese cuisine. This place is visited by many famous people every time you have the opportunity to travel to the Capri region. Last year, Kylie Jenner celebrated her 22nd birthday here. Photo C apri 

Hong Kong Fashionista Feiping Chang has a special affection for Capri, so she chose Da Paolino as her million-dollar wedding venue in 2017. The wedding caught the attention of the background with a photoshoot of lemon yellow but not dazzling. , guests receive a gift basket, which includes lemon and Capri travel guide. The bride and her mother dress in a beautiful yellow lemon pattern texture. Photo  Feiping Chang 

It is not uncommon for the restaurant menu to be full of Italian food, in which the nail is the spaghetti in the bowl made of attractive cheese, grilled mozzarella with lemon leaves, grilled chicken with lemon and a glass of cool lemonade. Not all of the dishes here have a lemon, but enjoying the refreshing taste under the ladle of lemon is not a bad suggestion for you. Photo Eye-swoon