The most interesting face masks from around the world

The most interesting face masks from around the world

Violet Field inLifestyleMay 25, 2020 2 min read155 views

Masks have become part of our lives thoroughly: the most interesting face masks from around the world

What different masks came out in a short time. 

1. Trendy masks have been around since the first day of the epidemic.

2. Even though weddings are postponed, weddings continue. Masks compatible with wedding dresses were among the first interesting models that we encountered.

3. Jewelry masks have been removed for those showing off addiction.

4. It would not be possible without fancy, stony designs.

5. Masks produced from traditional vouchers in Palestine attracted attention.

6. The fabric masks of young people in Kashmir are really creative.

7. The masks used in Buddhist temples in Thailand are believed to have been embroidered.

8. Lots of creativity in masks.

9. In Columbia, the USA, students drew attention to the environment by making recyclable masks.

On the one hand, they protested that the masks were not available.

10. In Colombia, cops wear interesting masks.

11. Children's masks are of course very cute.

12. Facial printed masks are very common in the Philippines.

13. Masks started to be combined with clothes.

14. Bikini and mask suits will be popular this summer as well.