The 12 Easiest Combinations and Fashionable Guarantee Clothes for Those Who Forgot to Combine

The 12 Easiest Combinations and Fashionable Guarantee Clothes for Those Who Forgot to Combine

Violet Field inLifestyleMay 31, 2020 3 min read190 views

The 12 easiest combinations and fashionable guarantee clothes for those who forgot to combine, even wear.

1. The easiest combination is of course jeans.

The easiest and effortless piece of jeans. This year, especially long and tubular jeans are at the forefront. 

2. Shirts are a great savior.

Oversized shirts, which are especially popular recently, can be worn alone or on top of t-shirts or dresses. 

3. So are the classic jackets.

Blazer jackets look good with jeans and classic pieces. They don't necessarily have to be abundant or classic; sports cut models are also very nice. 

4. One-piece dresses are the best detail in the summer.

Just finding suitable shoes is enough. We hope that we will wear flight dresses again this summer. Large floral patterns, daisies come to the fore in summer dresses. 

5. Speaking of one piece, let's not forget the overalls.

Yes, they are not very useful, and if the right model is not chosen, it is highly retouching; Still, overalls are among the wildcards because there is no problem with combining. 

6. Knit tops are the favorite of this summer.

Jeans, skirts, fabric trousers, tracksuits; You can evaluate these tops, which can be combined with anything, with cardigans and sweaters in the winter months. 

7. If you cannot switch to jeans immediately, fabric pants are also a good alternative.

Short-leg, long-leg long; You can combine trousers made of thin fabric with many tops. 

8. Long shorts will be the most popular dress this summer.

Stylish with shirts and blouses; It is very easy to combine these shorts that give a sports look with t-shirts.

9. Tights are both very easy and very difficult to combine.

Although it is a wear-and-take piece, the right fabric can look bad when the right model is not chosen and is not combined with suitable tops. Tights with plain color, thick, and matt fabrics are ideal. It can be easily combined with trackless laundry and loose tops. 

10. You can easily use the popular midi skirts in recent years.

T-shirt, athlete, shirt, sweater; again, it is a piece that can be worn with everything and shoes in every style. 

11. Cardigans are also very useful pieces.

Fashion cardigans of the last period, which can be worn alone or on top of t-shirts and dresses; Compatible with jeans, classic combinations.

12. You can combine printed t-shirts with anything.

With shorts, pants, tights, jeans; T-shirts that you can combine in every way can be enriched with jewelry and accessories.