Take a break with Shizuoka tea

Take a break with Shizuoka tea

Violet Field inLifestyleJun 24, 2020 4 min read8 views

Shizuoka Prefecture is tea! Shizuoka Prefecture is Japan's largest producer of Japanese tea. This time, we will introduce Shizuoka prefecture's Japanese tea, so please find your favorite tea.

Shizuoka Prefecture is Japan's largest producer of Japanese tea. Tea is made in 7 areas in Shizuoka prefecture. The taste and aroma of tea vary depending on the region. There are many elegant scents and scents. Regarding the taste, the degree of sweetness and richness is also different. 

"Drink comparison set" where you can enjoy three types of Kakegawa tea with different flavors

Shizuoka's Kakegawa tea drink comparison set. Contains three types of tea leaves: Fukamushi Kakegawa tea, Fukamushi Arara tea, and Fukamushi Shikabusecha. Each taste is different, so it's fun to compare drinking. The most popular is deep steamed Kakegawa tea. It's rich in flavor and rich in flavor, making it a great place to take a break. This set will make about 80 cups of tea, so I'm glad that you can drink a lot. 

Relaxing tea "Kukicha"

Tea with nutritious stems. The amino acid called theanine makes it a delicious and sweet tea. It also has a relaxing effect, so I want to drink it when I am tired. It is popular for its mildness and a mild taste. It's 400g, so it's a good cost performance, so please try to get it.

"Deep Musashi Tea Pack" to easily enjoy Japanese tea

If you don't have a teapot or teapot, we recommend the tea pack type! You can enjoy delicious tea just by pouring hot water. I'm glad that it contains 100 tea packs. Since it can be done hot or with water, it is attractive to enjoy delicious tea regardless of the season.

"Autumn and winter bancha", which has a mellow sweetness

Kakegawa tea using No. 4 tea that was picked around October. As it is in a tea pack, you can easily drink tea. It contains polysaccharides and is characterized by its sweetness. If you want to enjoy the sweetness, we recommend drinking it with water.

"Shizuoka Senior Sencha Hosho" where you can relax with an elegant taste and a deep scent

Japanese tea using the best tea from Shizuoka. Ichibancha is the tea made from the sprouts that grew the most during the year and is also called new tea. The fresh and refined taste is delicious. Since it is a little steamed, it has a deep scent and calms the mind. Since it has a full-fledged taste, please try it once. 

"Shizuoka matcha tea pour tea pack" to taste with both ice and hot

It is a dark green tea because it is blended with high-quality matcha from Shizuoka. You can enjoy it hot or iced. The taste is different, so it's good to compare drinking. The hot taste is rich and fragrant, and the ice cream has a sweet taste. As it is in a tea pack, you can easily extract tea.

Marugoto Sankakucha, an easy-to-drink tea that blends three types of tea

A tea that blends three types of deep-steamed green tea from Shizuoka prefecture, roasted rice, and matcha. It has little astringency and a mild taste, making it easy for children to drink. I am happy that there are no additives. It's in a tea pack, so just pour hot water or water. Since it contains 100 pieces, you can drink a lot of delicious tea.

Plenty of umami! "Hope" that makes you want to drink many times

Shizuoka Makinohara City brand tea. Since it contains a large amount of theanine, an umami component, it has a mild taste with little astringency. The color of the tea is dark green and it is beautiful. An elegant gyokuro-like scent stimulates the nose. It's so delicious that you want to grab it, so why not buy it?

Brown tea with a good scent! "roasted green tea"

Tea made by roasting tea leaves from Shizuoka prefecture at high temperatures. The color of the tea is dark brown, which is beautiful. It has a good aroma, a refreshing taste, and is easy to drink. It is drunk by a wide range of generations, from children to the elderly. I am glad that the tea leaves are as cheap as 800g.

Golden beautiful tea "First picking"

A luxurious tea made from 100% of the best tea from Negunowaki, Shizuoka Prefecture. The color of the tea is golden and beautiful. I can't resist the smell of fresh tea that passes through my nose. It's a tea that you'll want to drink when spring comes. If you have never tried fresh tea, please try it.


This time, I introduced Shizuoka prefecture's Japanese tea. There are various types of tea, such as new tea, goji, and kukicha. Each has a different taste and aroma, so please try to compare them.