Messi, Sanchez and football stars love pets

Messi, Sanchez and football stars love pets

Violet Field inLifestyleJul 10, 2020 2 min read123 views

For football stars, pets are family friends and an integral part of the spiritual life.

 Lionel Messi's dog is called Senior Hulk. This dog belongs to the French Clam breed. This is a special gift from wife Antonella Roccuzo for her famous husband. 

Alexis Sanchez's life in England is not too dull, because he has two lovely companions, Atom (white) and Humber (yellow). The Chilean striker has kept two dogs since his Barcelona days in 2011. Even, the two puppies of the Chilean player also own an Instagram account with more than 170,000 followers. 

Neymar's pet dog is called Poker, this is the favorite intellectual sport of the Brazilian striker. He regularly posts videos of playing with his dog on social media. 

Barca midfielder Frankie de Jong also owns a puppy of the Poodle breed. He also regularly shares adorable pet photos on his personal page. 

In addition to the Newfoundland dog named Lola, the defender family Marcelo also has many dogs including breeds like French Bull, British Bull, Labrador. 

Arsenal midfielder Mesut Oezil shoots a picture of the autobiography beside his lovely friend Balboa.

In addition to 4 puppies, defender Dani Alves also owns a cat to keep you company. 

The family of midfielder Kevin de Bruyne has a special member, it is a cat of the British Shorthair. The Belgian is hard at work sharing photos of the pet on his personal pages. 

In addition to dogs and cats, players also own a variety of special pets. Former Arsenal player Nacho Monreal owns an owl. 

Former French striker Andre-Pierre Gignac keeps the monkey as a pet.

In particular, Memphis Depay attracted attention when posting photos that were taken with the lion on social networks. The pet of the Dutch star is a "liger", a tiger hybrid.