How to be an ordinary person

How to be an ordinary person

Violet Field inLifestyleJul 6, 2020 5 min read180 views

Forget about your dream, be equal to others, and in no case take risks.

Take it for granted

Do everything as society requires, and do not doubt anything. Be safe and predictable. Do not ask yourself whether you are on the right path, and even more so do not take the liberty to make your own life decisions.

You were given a ready-made scenario from childhood: to finish school perfectly, go to a prestigious university, find a decent job, and raise two children. Retreating from it is an unnecessary waste of energy.

Do not ask unnecessary questions

Listen to the main and strong, because they probably know what they are talking about. Never question their credibility and the correctness of the point of view.

Protect stability - the state of affairs that is now. And do not risk thinking that everything could have turned out differently. Always stay on the safe side of the majority and beware of threatening change . Surround yourself only with those who think the same.

Go to university because “it’s necessary”

And not because you want to study. Listen to parents who recognize only lawyers and doctors, and carefully listen to my grandmother's advice about the prestige of the profession. Ask your friends where they are going to submit documents.

Spend four, five, or even six years, waiting for the moment when you will be issued a diploma in an unloved specialty. Join the ranks of students who dropped out of their last year or a crowd of managers who hate their work. Make sure that education is a formal step today.

Spend 40 hours a week at work, and work only 20

The rest of the time you spend surfing the Internet, continuously updating the VKontakte feed and drinking tea with colleagues. Sit on AliExpress, spin on a chair, count the cracks in the ceiling. You can look out the window for a couple of hours and even stealthily watch the series from the boss. Or go for a smoke break every half hour to the nearest minute. You work "for uncle", why tear for the sake of?

Keep dreaming about career growth. Be prepared to take all your laurels for yourself if the team succeeds and find in advance who to blame when the project goes down. Never take responsibility for anything. And if you once failed, do not try again.

Select a popular resort a couple of times

After all, it is there, in safety and comfort, that all your friends rest. Do not risk exploring new places, do not bother with wild plans and wild travels. Forget about exotic countries, extreme excursions, and hiking.

Only select hotels where staff speak your own language. Do not embarrass yourself - do not try to communicate with the locals on the fingers.

Spend more than you earn

And better - much more. Take on a mortgage the largest apartment you can afford. Spend 30 years of your life and a third of your salary repaying your debt. Make empty space expensive furniture and appliances.

Get a loan for a car. Not anyhow, but at least no worse than your friends. Do not forget to complain about endless traffic jams, expensive maintenance, and sky-high gas prices.

Do not try to learn languages - let foreigners learn yours

Avoid immersing yourself in a foreign culture and trying to look at the world from a different angle. Close your mind to new ideas, opinions, and experiences. Let others adjust to you. Why spend time at all?

Think about writing a book, but don't write it

Imagine how you are organizing a presentation of your novel. He becomes a bestseller and diverges in huge runs. Here you are sitting in your office and reading the script of the film, which they began to shoot according to your plot. You get big fees and become famous all over the world. Imagine - and do nothing else.

Dream to open your business, but do not open it

Complain about the uncomfortable office chair and the stupid boss. Criticize an unnecessary dress code, a strict schedule, and leave twice a year. Dream of working on the beach before lunch, a line at Forbes, and friendly conversations with investors. Imagine a fashionable private home, luxurious mansion, or apartment in New York.

Do nothing for this. Because the competition is high, and you, as always, do not have time, useful contacts and rich parents. Anyway,  business is a terrible risk, and if you fail, it will be very embarrassing.

Don't stand out from the crowd

If you are not sure that your ideas and opinions will be supported by the majority, be silent. Otherwise, you risk becoming an object of criticism and excessive interest from others. But this is stress and constant struggle.

For the same reason, avoid striking differences with those around you. Watch their lives closely and take their path as a guide to action.

Wait until fate itself will give you a present

Properly go to work and obediently carry out all the orders of the boss. Silently be offended that you still have not been given a raise and have not added a salary. Mentally reproach curious interns and energetic beginners for being upstart.

Do not stop hoping that you will be noticed and praised. Stop trying to get better, because someone will definitely accept you for who you are. Happiness will definitely overtake you - you just need to be patient.