Giant bread in An Giang, Vietnam

Giant bread in An Giang, Vietnam

Violet Field inLifestyleMay 19, 2020 3 min read245 views

Giant bread more than a meter high, weighs 3 kg, was transported along the road in An Giang, making many people curious.

Recently, images of the giant bread that motorbike drivers on Vietnamese streets have been shared on social networks. Many people believe that this is a product of photo editing software. But these giant cakes are real. It even reached the top 15 weirdest dishes in the world voted by Brightside in 2018.

A giant bread with a length of over one meter, weighing about 3 kg, many people are curious to buy as a gift or try it. The cake is several dozen times larger than normal size, about the height of a child, whose shape is no different from the common version. They are often sold right at the production site or are tied dozens of motorcycles around to deliver to facilities, creating a curious image for pedestrians.

"An Giang is a province in the Mekong Delta, often known for its more spectacular natural sights than food specialties. After appearing on Brightside, this dish was spread to the world and contributed. an introduction about a famous bread in Vietnam, the owner of the shop once shared that she made a strange cake in her free time but unexpectedly it was enjoyed and asked to buy. This dish is bought by many people as a gift, including many tourists, "according to  Oddity Central.

To make this cake, one must design a special oven and the best is baked with charcoal. It takes about 5-6 hours to make one, four times that of regular bread. They are covered with a layer of butter, sprinkle a little sesame on the surface to fragrant and rich. The cake tastes not much different from small bread but when made big, the flavor is more or less subtle. 

A giant cake enough for 5 people to eat, sold for 50,000 VND. Food is becoming one of the famous dishes in An Giang. Many tourists come here want to check-in, try it out to satisfy their curiosity. However, due to its large size, giant bread does not fit in plastic bags. If transported by motorcycle quite unsanitary because of road dust exposure. The best way is to buy and preserve it yourself, take it home. 

Banh Banh is sold along the way from Chau Doc to Nha Bang town (Tinh Bien district) or at the diagonal of Mieu Ba Chua Xu Bau Mel (Nha Bang, Tinh Bien, An Giang).