Feel like a hot spring at home! 7 natural hot springs in Japan, "Yuhana"

Feel like a hot spring at home! 7 natural hot springs in Japan, "Yuhana"

Violet Field inLifestyleMay 11, 2020 4 min read15 views

Introducing bath salts that allow you to enjoy the full-scale hot springs at home without time.

It's gradually getting warmer, but it's still cold at night. I want to warm up from the core of the body at the hot spring immediately! Is there a time? However, going to hot springs takes time and money, and many people may hesitate. Recommended for such people this time! 

Mysterious milky blue hot water


"Okamotoya" is a long-established inn that was founded in 1868. This hot spring is characterized by a pale bluish, cloudy color called milky blue. It has the highest medicinal effect among Beppu Hachito, and is also popular as a hot spring for beautiful skin that makes women happy! Many fans from all over the country are visiting in search of the mysterious water. 

Relax in the scent of sulfur


"Kusatsu Onsen" is a hot spring area that is popular with many tourists from Japan and overseas. It is located at a height of 1200m above the foot of Mt. Shirane and is one of the three famous springs in Japan. You can enjoy the hot water of Kusatsu Onsen at home, and you can feel that the body warms from the core with the scent of sulfur.

100% natural! Milky white nigiri hot water


Milky white 100% natural bath salt! Since no chemicals are used, it is also a nice point to not damage the bathtub. It is difficult to cool with hot water, and the body temperature is different. Natural hot springs that are gentle on the environment and the body can be enjoyed by children and the elderly with peace of mind. 

A hot spring in a hidden area


One of the few hot springs in Japan that include radium, which is said to be good for your health! We often hear that stiff shoulders and atopy have been cured. Because it is located in the mountains of Hokkaido, I think it's difficult to go there. If you have a physical or skin problem, why not try a hot spring treatment at home? It is also a popular gift for families.

High-quality hot springs to enjoy in a small hot spring town


"Atagawa Onsen" is located just beyond the famous hot spring areas such as Atami and Ito. I think that many people are not used to listening, but it is a quiet and emotionally small hot spring town. The scent and texture are refreshing. There is little irritation to the skin, so even people who are worried about their skin can enjoy a full-scale hot spring.

Genuine hot spring with soft skin


One of Nasu Shichiyu at the foot of Mt. Nasu. The white milk color and the scent of sulfur are as if they were in a hot spring! The bicarbonate hot springs are packed in liquid form and are not powdery so they are easy to melt and easy to use. Please try to feel the moist and smooth feeling of your skin. 

For skin diseases! Natural hot spring created by the Northern Alps

A hot spring that naturally springs from Mount Norikura in the Northern Alps. It is an acidic hydrogen sulfide spring, which is rare in Japan and is said to be effective not only for heat retention but also for skin diseases. At home, why not try healing your daily fatigue with this milky white mellow water.


Introduced a popular natural hot spring in Japan that you can enjoy at home. Your daily fatigue and stress should be healed even a little! Even if you can't go to the hot spring area, feel free to feel the hot spring at home.