Delicious ciabatta: you forget what store bread is

Delicious ciabatta: you forget what store bread is

Violet Field inLifestyleJul 6, 2020 3 min read359 views

Ciabatta is known to many, but how to cook it correctly is a mystery. This is a delicious Italian bread, which includes olive oil

Ciabatta is crispy on the outside, and soft and porous inside. It is interesting that you can make such bread without much effort at home, the main thing is to observe the proportions and sequence of actions!

Youtube | 우 미스 베이킹 Umi's baking

Ingredients for Ciabatta (4 small loaves of bread):

  • 385 g flour;
  • 288 g of water;
  • 7 grams of salt;
  • 38 gr of olive oil;
  • 2 grams of dry yeast.

We start cooking ciabatta:

1. Dissolve yeast in warm (not hot) water, add olive oil and salt. Pour the sifted flour and knead the sticky dough. We leave it in a rectangular container, which is covered with a lid, for 40 minutes.

Youtube | 우 미스 베이킹 Umi's baking

2. It's time to “knead” the dough. This is an interesting technology (details can be seen in the video below), which will achieve the very heterogeneous porosity in the bread. So, with your hands dipped in water, take the dough on one side, stretch it a little.

Youtube | 우 미스 베이킹 Umi's baking

Put the lap on the dough. Then in the same way we stretch the dough on the other side. After that, we repeat the same procedure on the sides - on one side and the other, pulling and laying the dough up. Cover again and leave for 30 minutes. This procedure of "pulling" the test from all sides must be repeated 2 more times, with breaks for "rest" for the test for 30-40 minutes.

3. Here is the dough after “pulling” from all sides:

4. When you repeated the “stretching” procedure 3 times and waited for the indicated time, lightly sprinkle the dough with flour and carefully place it on the table, being careful not to mash it and not disturb the texture.

5. Divide into 4 equal parts. Leave it to "rest" for another 30-40 minutes, covering it with a towel.

6. Bake ciabatta at 220 degrees for 18 minutes. Let the bread cool slightly in the oven.

Slice the ciabatta and serve it to the table! Enjoy your meal!

Youtube | 우 미스 베이킹 Umi's baking

For more information on how to cook ciabatta at home, see the video below: