5 reasons why changing your mind is normal

5 reasons why changing your mind is normal

Violet Field inLifestyleJul 6, 2020 4 min read187 views

If you regularly review your beliefs, you are not a “weather vane”, but a well-read and brave person.

1. This means that you learn new things.

It is impossible to change your mind if you do not receive new information. Books, articles, podcasts, and lectures provide a rich ground for thought and facts that can rebuild your old ideas about yourself and the world.

For example, you were suspicious of doctors and medicines and thought that it was better to be treated with something natural. But later they studied the issue, learned that homeopathy is useless, and traditional medicine works more like an assistant, and then with reservations - and they changed their attitude towards treatment.

Or they thought that children should be brought up very strictly, with a whip and a carrot, but they read books by modern child psychologists - Yulia Gippenreiter, Lyudmila Petranovskaya, Faber and Mazlish - realized that the relationship needed to be built differently, and revised their educational methods.

2. This means that you think and draw conclusions.

That is, you do not just get new information, but you are still able to analyze it, compare it with existing data, accept and integrate it into your picture of the world. This can be difficult, especially if the knowledge gained is contrary to your previous beliefs.

Let's say you supported a political or party, and then found out that the opponent's program is more logical and realistic. Or they were afraid to leave the capital because it is supposedly impossible to do business and earn money in the regions, but they studied the experience of other people, realized that this was not so, and moved.

3. This means that you can listen and hear.

And also - that you have a fairly diverse environment and you are not afraid to let people who are not like you.

Let's be honest, disputes and discussions rarely help to find the truth - most often this is a way to remove negative emotions, rise above the opponent, and amuse pride. That is why people who are able to calmly listen to an alternative point of view, think it over, and admit that it is not without meaning deserve respect. According to research Why is it so difficult to make people change their minds? such personalities are very rare, basically, we just block information that does not coincide with our picture of the world.

True, it is important to include critical thinking, check information, and not take a word from anyone, even if everything seems very convincing. Otherwise, there is a risk that you will be deceived or drawn into a dubious adventure.

4. This means that your life does not stand still

Important events in life serve as an impetus for revising one's views and values. The coordinate system of a person can be greatly reconstructed after he visits another country, meets a new friend or loved one, has children and finds an interesting job. Or, on the contrary, lose someone close, fail, lose money.

A convinced careerist, having become a mother, can decide that she wants to raise children and paint pictures. A cautious homebody, having started to travel, may realize that he is ready to sell an apartment and rent bungalows on the seashore.

The changes and discoveries that they bring indicate that a person moves forward, tries new things, sometimes stumbles, and makes mistakes. In other words, it is developing.

5. This means that you are ready to break free from stereotypes.

Say you were a vegan, but you realized that you missed the products of animal origin and for you, at this stage, a diet of meat, fish, and eggs is preferable to an exclusively vegetable menu. And you are not afraid to honestly admit it, even if you used to agitate everyone to switch to the “green” side and swore never to eat meat in your life.

Or they participated in marathons of femininity and reposted on the wall articles that a woman should not work - and now build your career with might and main. But at the same time, they are quite ready to admit that they used to think too narrowly.

People often continue to stand their ground just because they are not even ready to admit to themselves that they made the wrong choice or followed incorrect ideas and attitudes. This leads to disappointment, prevents development, makes us and our environment miserable. Therefore, if you still decided to rearrange in your worldview, you can be proud of yourself: it requires courage, strength, and flexibility.

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