5 questions to help rethink your career

5 questions to help rethink your career

Violet Field inLifestyleJun 8, 2020 4 min read70 views

It will be useful if you are in crisis or just want to better understand yourself.

If now it seems to you that you are in a dead-end, do not despair. As the writer Manoj Arora said, in life and in the boxing ring, the defeat is not the moment when you fall, but the moment when you refuse to rise.

Although the actions of the boss or the economy are beyond your control, you can always do something for yourself and your career. Answer these questions to understand which way you are going.

1. Do I need a radical change?

Wherever you are now, it’s worth considering how much you want changes and which ones. They can be different: from changing tasks at the current job to moving to another company or even another field of activity. Or maybe you want to completely change your profession or work for yourself. Understanding this is your first step. 

2. Do I know what I need?

Most people have only a rudimentary idea of their needs and potential, so they find themselves at work that does not fit their interests and abilities well. If you suspect the same thing happened to you, think about your needs. They will help determine where you will be best.

For instance:

  • Do you prefer that you have more freedom and independence or stability and guarantees?
  • What would you choose - to work at a more prestigious job or to do what you enjoy?
  • Would you like to help others or do something that allows you to learn new things and nourish your curiosity?

These seem to be simple questions, but most of us did not ask ourselves before choosing a career path. If you are looking for something new now, be sure to consider them.

3. What should I avoid?

Sometimes it’s easier to understand what you definitely don’t want from work. Remember your pain points. Maybe you hate routine repetitive tasks, you don’t have enough sense in current activities or are tired of implementing other people's ideas. Or are you tired of constantly working with people, getting to the office for a long time, living on a tight schedule? Consider everything in order to understand what to avoid in future searches.

Just as a hard parting can teach something and lead to a more mature relationship in the future, so losing or changing a job can bring about a change for the better and give an impetus to personal growth.

4. What is the best way to invest in me?

Let's say you choose a new direction. Now think about what needs to be done to succeed and generally convince others that you can do it.

Allocate as much time as possible. Evaluate your capabilities, estimate what skills you need. Learn and rethink yourself. Now there are a lot of online resources that will help to enhance or deepen your knowledge or even get completely new skills. Use them.

5. How will I measure success?

Now mentally move forward a year and try to imagine how your life will change after a career change. How will you evaluate whether you did the right thing? Maybe you want to become happier, richer, healthier, or wiser in a year? All at once is hardly possible, but what would you choose first? Find the answer to this question, and then you will move towards the right goal and your own understanding of success.