25 tips you can apply to make your bedroom look wider and more spacious than it is

25 tips you can apply to make your bedroom look wider and more spacious than it is

Violet Field inLifestyleMay 17, 2020 7 min read269 views

If you have a small bedroom like a box and want to freshen up the environment, you can follow these 25 suggestions and make your room look more spacious.

It was as if everything was more spacious in the past. Now the rooms are getting smaller. Houses are like boxes as if they are tight. 

Paint Your Bedroom Walls Correctly.

1. Paint the walls in a light color.

This is because the lighter colors reflect the light and make the room look brighter and brighter. Dark colors absorb light and make the room appear smaller.

2. Single color walls

Coordination is an important feature of any room design and the best place to start is walls. For a spacious room, paint your bedroom in one color or in different shades if desired. Painting the room with different or contrasting colors will make the room feel smaller while dividing the room into sections.

3. Paint the ceiling bezels to a lighter color.

Another simple optical illusion is to paint the ceiling frames with a slightly lighter color, allowing your eye to perceive depth. Combining this simple trick in your small bedroom design will make you feel the walls are farther away and give you a more spacious bedroom feel.

4. Leave the ceiling to a darker color or bold patterned wallpaper.

This is an interesting technique because you are actually tricking your eye to look up. 

Using eye-catching colors or patterns gives you the illusion of height, although you don't have high ceilings.

Make Your Bedroom Bigger with Furniture

5. Choose small-footprint furniture.

Not all small bedroom designs are expanded with optical illusions. Obviously the fewer items in your room, the bigger your room will look. As a simple solution, preferring your bed with a box or taking a high bed and placing items with regulators underneath allows you to save space.

6. Avoid excessive items.

You don't always need two nightstands, especially in a small room. It is always nice to do extra things to make your life easier but if space is a problem, less furniture will make your room larger.

7. Be creative.

Especially for small children's rooms, choose bunk beds. The beds that open and close and the beds with a desk, cupboard, sofa under them mean that you can use two furniture in the area that a bed will cover. It saves you a lot of space.

8. Choose your furniture low.

If there is enough space to put your clothes or belongings, choose your cot and all other furniture from those close to the floor. This keeps the ceiling higher and creates a sense of width.

9. Transparent furniture

Try replacing your wooden table with the glass tabletop. It takes up the same amount of space, but it provides an illusion, making it feel like it takes up less space. The fact that you prefer your chairs and other furniture transparent provides the same illusion.

10. Uncover furniture legs.

By revealing the feet of your furniture, you can ensure illusion. The key to this, however, is to keep the area under your furniture clean and tidy. The long legs of the beds will help create a feeling of space.

11. Shelves mounted on the bed

Creating a shelf around your bed and embedding it in the bed may seem a bit like a bedroom design idea, but shelves can serve as bedside tables, thus saving space. Also, the bed recess creates a deep illusion on the wall and makes the small room feel bigger.

 Make Your Bedroom Bigger With Decor

12. Leave space on the wall frames.

Keep the frames you hang on the wall closer to the bottom of the wall. However, if you have a high shelf or closet, keeping it close to the ceiling will make the eye slide up and make the room more spacious. The easy way to do this is to divide the wall into three equal parts.

13. Illusion with mirrors

If your bedroom has a bare wall or door, add a mirror here to make it look bigger. Mirrors not only reflect light, but a mirror placed at the right angle adds depth or height to the room.

14. Color harmony

Be sure to coordinate your decoration harmoniously throughout the room. Something as simple as grouping books of similar colors will create a sense of unity as a whole. Try to match the pillows to your mural. This creates consistency, which is a requirement in a small room.

15. Shelves

A simple way to keep things off the ground and open a walking area is to mount the shelves on the wall. Use them to store books, picture frames, or even clothes. Items on the shelf should also be arranged and, if possible, color-coded.

16. Organization

An uncomplicated room is key to a spacious perception of space, making a small bedroom look bigger. Store your clothes in drawers, pens in a jar, and your coins in the piggy bank.

17. Create empty spaces

Some people cannot understand the importance of empty spaces and they try to put things everywhere. You don't have to fill all your shelves to the brim. Free spaces are necessary for a small room because they help the room breathe a little. It makes much more sense to decorate your room with small pieces.

18. Small lamps

Instead of using a lone light with your chandelier hanging down the middle of your ceiling, try using a few small lamps around the room. This will create a sense of width by moving your eyes around the room.

19. Thick wall art

Instead of filling the walls of your room with many photos, stay, and use a large piece of art. This will help create a focal point in the room, giving it structure and depth.

20. Vertical and horizontal coordinates

This is a very important rule to make your bedroom feel bigger. Think of your room as a big picture. Do not leave the horizontal and vertical lines that you plan in this picture. A pattern after a horizontal line then a vertical line shatters your room. So coordinate without mixing the lines.

21. Don't let your curtains crawl on the floor.

By letting your curtains extend to the floor, you cut off the flow of the room. Therefore, cutting your curtains slightly above the ground will make your room wider.

22. Goodbye to dark-colored curtains!

You may want to be protected from the sun's rays in the early morning, but natural light will expand your bedroom's sense of space. When you pair it with your mirrors and light-colored walls, you will have the feeling that your space is expanding.

23. Light-colored and simple bed linens are cool.

The duvet cover you put on your bed is an important component in the decoration of your room. When choosing your linens, try to coordinate the colors and shapes with the curtain to suit the flow of the room. Stay away from excess patterns.

24. Use long curtains.

Although not everyone is lucky enough to have rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, you can buy a curtain that extends from the floor of your windows to the floor. (Of course, provided the curtains do not touch the floor.)

25. Simplify.

It is easy to fall into the trap of adding unnecessary decorations and details, and after a while, you will have a cramped and messy room. A few photos, a beautiful lamp, and a beautiful plant placed in the corner maybe everything you may need in this room.