24 interesting facts about vegetarian and vegan nutrition that you have never heard of before

24 interesting facts about vegetarian and vegan nutrition that you have never heard of before

Violet Field inLifestyleMay 28, 2020 6 min read225 views

You can swallow your little tongue after you learn about its history and scope.

1. Vegetarianism is based on Indian and Greek philosophy.

Vegetarianism; In India, it is due to the idea of not harming animals and other creatures, while in Ancient Greece it is due to medical purposes and rituals.

2. One of the first and most famous vegetarians is Pythagoras who lived in the 6th century BC.

The term Pythagoras diet was used to denote a plant-based diet until the vegetarian term appeared in the 19th century. 

3. The word vegan is derived from the word vegetarian and was first used by Elsie Shrigley and Donald Watson in 1944 when they thought that vegetarianism contained a lot of animal products and switched to a completely plant-based diet.

4. People; prefer to be vegetarian under the headings of health, politics, environment, culture, and even economy, but one of the most common reasons is the persecution of animals.

5. To understand exactly what vegetarianism is about, you need to know the sub-headings of various vegetarianism.

6. Scientific studies; a vegetarian diet has shown that it increases the body's metabolism.

However, it has also been observed to help burn fat and calories 16% faster than someone who consumes meat. 

7. Leonardo da Vinci was the first Renaissance figure to advocate vegetarianism.

He even went into controversy with important names of the time, saying that we do not have the right to eat animals religiously. 

8. According to a survey conducted by 'Time' in 2008, 7.3 million adults of the American population or 3.2% of the population are vegetarians.

Among these data, only 1 million people are vegans. 

9. The French philosopher Voltaire is an important historical figure known for the propagation of vegetarianism.

Although we do not know if he is a vegetarian, he used Hinduism traditions as opposed to the Bible. 

10. According to the book "The Chinese Study" based on a 20-year study; people who eat meat are more unhealthy than those who do not, and the rates of losing their lives are progressing in direct proportion.

11. According to the Christian belief, the fact that meat was edible has been the subject of controversy throughout history and it has been accepted by some religious people that a vegetarian diet is the most correct form of nutrition.

Some even claim that Jesus' Pesketarian (a person who does not consume meat other than fish and aquatic organisms). 

12. As we mentioned in the previous article, the term 'pesketaryenism' is used for a diet that does not contain meat other than fish.

The word was published in 1993; It is derived from the Italian word Pesce, meaning fish. 

13. One of the most negative aspects of the diet for vegans is the deficiency of vitamin B12 from animal foods.

Research shows that vitamin B12 deficiency may be associated with weakening in the bones.

14. Benjamin Franklin is one of America's first and most famous vegetarians. He introduced tofu, also known as bean curd, to the country in 1770.

 However, he continued his diet, which included meat again. 

15. Vegetarianism has many subcategories:

For example; An ovo-vegetarian does not consume eggs and other dairy products. Lacto-vegetarian does not consume dairy products and eat eggs. The ovo-lacto vegetarian diet includes both egg and dairy products. 

16. The idea that people who do not consume meat cannot get protein is the point where many people are wrong. The protein necessary for our body can be taken from various plants.

17. According to a study conducted in England, meat consumption is related to the fact that men have a macho structure.

Dr. at the University of British Columbia. Steven Heine also confirmed this with his words to the magazine 'Appetite'. 

18. Adolf Hitler is also said to be one of those who prefer vegetarianism.

19. In Hitler's opinion, a vegetarian diet could be the key to the German army.

He claimed that Caesar's soldiers were fully vegetable-based and that the Vikings would not be able to make their discoveries if they were adhering to a meat-bound diet. 

20. According to British researchers; Children with high IQ are more likely to be vegetarians.

The reason for this is that they predict the health problems that children may experience in the coming years. 

21. Fruteryanism; It is a form of nutrition based on the consumption of fruit, seeds, and other plant materials without harming the sap of the plant.

22. India is the country with the largest vegetarian population.

23. Whether honey consumption is suitable for a vegan diet has been the subject of debate by communities.

American Vegan Community; He argues that the consumption of honey is not appropriate due to the fact that it comes from the animal, but there are other communities that think that honey consumption is not a problem. 

24. Los Angeles City Council; In 2012, it decided not to consume meat on Mondays across the city.

The decision is part of an international campaign to reduce meat consumption for health and environmental reasons.