23 hand tattoos that a minister will want to look at again

Violet Field inLifestyleMay 13, 2020 2 min read193 views

You can make eternal touches on your body with small details

1. We hit nail polish as well as tattoos

2. This pretty gentle sun pattern:

3. This palm will remind you of the article:

4. Small alien pattern:

5. Yin-Yang:

6. This baby elephant holding a heart balloon:

7. This honey bee pattern:

8. Finger tattoos:

9. This diamond pattern:

10. Snowflake:

11. This extremely beautiful snake pattern:

12. A sweet cactus:

13. This tattoo integrated with a letter coming to each finger:

14. A delicate arrow:




18. This beautiful combination of small details:

19. This sunflower pattern:

20. Sun - wave - fish:

21. This noble lion pattern:

22. This little detail couples can do:

23. And finally, this note pattern for those who say I can't do without music: