20 photos that will help you gain a different perspective and understand the world better

Violet Field inLifestyleMay 27, 2020 2 min read9 views

# 5 isn't it really beautiful?

1. The hidden features of the Moon when using ultraviolet and infrared filters

2. A tree that is half saved from the fire

3. The appearance of ancient hieroglyphs before their colors fade

4. 392-year-old Greenland shark floating in the ocean since 1627

5. The whole universe fits into one image

6. Image of the paper when viewed through a microscope

7. San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico border

8. If the distance between us and Jupiter was the distance from the Moon

9. Turtle awakening from hibernation

10. Rivers converging in Geneva, Switzerland

11. Seiko impressed many people in 1982 with the world's first television clock

12. While the candle burns in the world with a long yellow flame, it burns in space in the form of a smaller, blue flame in the middle of the wick

13. Same time, same place, different months

14. The 'tiny' difference between 138.24 MB data and 128 GB data

15. Tomatoes are grown from 150 years old seeds and today's modern seeds

16. Ski route plate in winter and summer months

17. A glacier in Iceland in 1986 and 2019

18. "I wanted something from the room service for a snack and they sent my order with this mini fridge-shaped robot."

19. "Yesterday's waste food was 45 kilograms."

Take all you can eat but eat. Yesterday's waste food was 45 kilograms. This can feed 180 people. 

20. An adult mammoth tree has an average of 6-8 meters of the trunk.