18 recommended tourist spots and scenic spots all over Japan

18 recommended tourist spots and scenic spots all over Japan

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Japan is a country with four distinct seasons, which is rare in the world, and the impressions of the same tourist spots vary greatly depending on the season, so the number of foreigners visiting Japan as repeaters is increasing year by year.

And in Japan, there are 47 prefectures, including Tokyo, which is the capital, and each of them has popular tourist spots that make you want to visit. Therefore, this time we will introduce a list of recommended sightseeing spots in all 47 prefectures of Japan. Please try to find your favorite tourist attraction. 

1. [Hokkaido] The must-see canal in Japan, which is a must-see for sightseeing in Hokkaido, is a must-see! "Otaru Canal"

Otaru Canal, which is a standard sightseeing spot in Hokkaido, is one of Japan's leading canals with a total length of 1140m. During the day, it is recommended to take a walk while enjoying the calm cityscape. At night, the entire canal is lit up so it changes to a fantastic atmosphere. The Otaru Canal at night is especially popular as a date course for couples.

And when it comes to Otaru, the popular gourmet food is sushi. Otaru's sushi is becoming popular not only with Japanese but also with foreigners visiting Japan. When you visit Otaru on a trip to Japan's world-famous gourmet restaurant, please enjoy it.

2. [Hokkaido] Speaking of the most popular zoo in Japan! "Asahiyama Asahiyama Zoo"

The Asahikawa Zoo, one of the most popular zoos in Japan, allows you to observe animals from various angles. Therefore, it is famous not only in Japan but also in the world. In particular, the underwater tunnel inside the Penguin Museum allows you to see the penguins swimming dynamically.

There are many other highlights, and you can see the polar bears eating food, and at the red panda suspension bridge, you can get a glimpse of the original life of the lovely red panda, which is originally tree-like. This is a recommended spot that you should definitely visit when sightseeing in Hokkaido and the popularity of foreign visitors to Japan is rapidly increasing.

3. [Hokkaido] One of the must-see spots to see the spectacular views from Japan's three biggest night views! "Mount Hakodate"

The night view of Sapporo is one of Japan's three biggest night views, but the one you should definitely see is the spectacular view from Mt. Hakodate. This is one of the most popular night view spots in Japan. Many tourists come not only from Japan but from all over the world every year to burn the magnificent view from Mount Hakodate.

If you want to see the night view at Mt. Hakodate, we recommend using the restaurants and lounges on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the summit. By the way, it is a facility that supports barrier-free, which has become a hot topic in recent years. Wheelchairs are also available free of charge, so it's great that anyone can see the spectacular view of Sapporo.

4. [Aomori Prefecture] Japan's first World Natural Heritage Site is a must-visit tourist spot! "Shirakami Mountains"

The Shirakami Mountains, which extends from southwestern Aomori Prefecture to northwestern Akita Prefecture, is the first tourist attraction registered as a World Natural Heritage site alongside Yakushima in Japan. It is a native beech forest area that is almost untouched. It is a popular tourist spot that you want to visit at least once in your life.

The recommended time to visit is the season from spring to summer. Aoike is a popular tourist spot in the Shirakami Mountains. Tourists come from all over the world, but you can't miss it because it is in full bloom from spring to summer. There are courses that you can take a leisurely stroll through to full-fledged mountaineering courses, so feel free to experience the nature of Aomori and return home.

5. [Aomori Prefecture] I want to visit Japan's largest festival at least once! "Aomori Nebuta Festival"

The Aomori Nebuta Festival is one of the largest and most famous festivals in Japan. This festival, which is held from August 2nd to 7th every year, attracts tourists from all over Japan. By the way, a summer campground will be set up for a limited period from August 1st to August 8th. If you come from afar, you may go camping.

Also, be sure to check out the "Nebuta Maritime Service and Fireworks Festival" that decorates the Aomori Nebuta Festival finale. About 11,000 fireworks will be launched as the six Nebuta fly over the sea. The summer traditions of Aomori, which you can only see at this time of year, are sure to become unforgettable summer memories.

6. [Iwate Prefecture] Let's visit the first national treasure recognized as a World Heritage Site! "Chusonji Kinshido"

"Chusonji" is a standard tourist spot in Iwate Prefecture that is recognized as a World Heritage Site and is also selected as the first national treasure in Japan. Among them, "Chusonji Kinshido" is a must-visit tourist attraction that is highly popular among tourists. Speaking of Hiraizumi, Iwate Prefecture, there are many people who remember this famous tourist spot.

Inside the Golden Hall, where photography is prohibited, there is a vivid sight of the golden colors. There are many other highlights such as "Tsukizaka" and "Main Hall", which makes it a great place to take a walk. Also, at Kanzantei, where you can have a meal, you can enjoy soba using natural yams picked in Hiraizumi, so it is recommended here.

7. [Iwate Prefecture] A scenic spot representing Japan that changes its expression in summer and winter! "Jodogahama"

Among the rich nature of Sanriku Reconstruction National Park and Sanriku Geopark, "Jodogahama" is a must-visit tourist spot. The name derives from the analogy of "just like the paradise of paradise", but the coastline boasts a landscape that is ashamed of its name, and is popular with many tourists.

In the summer, the beach is clean and the waves are pleasant, and in the winter the snow-covered shoreline boasts exceptional beauty. Please find your favorite time and feel the beauty and magnificence of nature.

8. [Akita Prefecture] Japan's deepest lake is full of sightseeing spots! "Lake Tazawa"

Lake Tazawa is the deepest lake in Japan with a maximum depth of 423 meters. Famous for its legendary Tatsuko princess, this mysterious enemy lake is characterized by various colors depending on the angle of light. There are many campgrounds around Lake Tazawa, and it is a sightseeing spot that represents Akita, which you should definitely visit in summer.

If you want to spend a relaxing time at Lake Tazawa, it is recommended to go around Lake Tazawa. There is a local bus that runs around Lake Tazawa, which has a diameter of 20 km. You can use this, or you can cycle while feeling the wind on a bicycle. If you want to enjoy nature, it is perfect as a travel destination.

9. [Akita Prefecture] Akita sightseeing classic! See you in real Namahage! "Namahage Museum"

"Namahage", a specialty of Akita that is designated as an important intangible folk cultural asset of the country. It's quite striking to see him crying "I'm lazy. I'm crying." A tourist spot where you can meet Namahage is the Namahage Museum in Oga City, Akita Prefecture.

At the Namahage Museum, you can not only see Namahage's exhibits but also transform yourself into Namahage by wearing real clothes. Let's become a Namahage and take a commemorative photo to go home. In addition, let's fully experience the folk events in Oga City, such as the demonstration of Namahage engraving by Namahage carvers.

10. [Miyagi Prefecture] The tourist spots that have been selected as one of Japan's three scenic spots are overwhelming! "Matsushima"

The most famous sightseeing spot in Miyagi prefecture is Matsushima, which has been selected as one of the three most scenic spots in Japan. In particular, "Shitaikan" is a tourist spot that you should visit once you can overlook about 260 islands floating in Matsushima Bay. There is a spectacular view that is hard to describe.

Matsushima is also popular as a gourmet town. Many kinds of seafood caught locally are on sale, and the town has an appetizing scent of grilling seafood. The oyster, which is a special product, is especially excellent. Let's enjoy a happy time with a gourmet while gazing at the superb view of Matsushima.

11. [Miyagi Prefecture] Enjoy sightseeing at the park that represents Tohoku, which is rich in nature! "Michinoku Park"

Michinoku Park, one of the largest national parks in Tohoku, is located around Lake Kamafusa and is a popular spot visited by tourists mainly in Tohoku. The park is divided into three areas: "Satoyama", "North", and "South". Especially, the South area has "Sai no Hiroba" which boasts beautiful scenery.

In addition, the Satoyama district is where you can fully enjoy Miyagi's most abundant nature, and there is an auto campground in the north district. It's a great location for camping and BBQ during summer vacation. There are many other events held throughout the year, so why not make a trip to meet your schedule?

12. [Yamagata Prefecture] I want to visit one of the most scenic spots in Yamagata Prefecture for sightseeing in Japan! "Tateishi Temple"

"Tateishi Temple" is a scenic spot that was described in Basho Matsuo's haiku, which is so famous in Japan as "the voice of a cicada penetrating a quiet rock." It is a tourist spot that represents Yamagata, and it seems that many tourists are visiting it recently, as it has become popular with foreign tourists visiting Japan. The scenery that changes from season to season resonates with tourists.

There are many hidden spots on the site, such as "Nehonchudo", which is the main hall of the main temple, and "Semizuka," which is said to be the place where Basho Matsuo came up with haiku. In addition, the view from the top where "Okunoin" is located is superb, so when you come on a trip, please make sure to climb the mountain aiming for the summit.

13. [Yamagata Prefecture] Speaking of Japan's leading hot spring spots, which is ideal for location sightseeing! "Ginzan Onsen"

"Ginzan Onsen" in Hanazawa City, Yamagata Prefecture is a hot spring town derived from Nobezawa Ginzan, which flourished as a large Ginzan in the early Edo period. Western-style wooden multi-story inns built from the end of the Taisho era to the early Showa era are lined up along the Ginzan River. This emotional landscape is a popular tourist spot.

Another popular reason is the scenery reminiscent of the hit movie "Spirited Away" in Japan, and the fact that it was set in the popular NHK TV novel "Oshin". It seems that there are some who go sightseeing. At night, the gas lights along the river turn on, creating a fantastic landscape. Please use it as a sightseeing spot at night in Yamagata.

14. [Fukushima Prefecture] "Goshikinuma", a tourist spot where you can stick to the surface of the water that attracts various blue

"Goshikinuma" is a tourist attraction in Urabandai that was created by the eruption of Mount Aizu Bandai. This swamp is formed by multiple swamps such as "Bisammonuma," "Akanuma," "Midoronuma," "Bentenuma," "Rurinuma," and "Aonuma." Is called.

This famous sightseeing spot in Fukushima is a marsh that shines in blue, which is very rare in Japan. In the surrounding area, you can enjoy hiking and skiing in winter. There are plenty of accommodation facilities, so it is a recommended spot for those who want to enjoy a relaxing trip to a place rich in nature.

15. [Fukushima Prefecture] A popular sightseeing spot in Fukushima where you can enjoy Hawaii in Japan! "Spa Resort Hawaiians"

Fukushima's popular leisure facility, "Spa Resort Hawaiians", which became famous for the influence of the movie released in Japan, is said to be one of the top-class restaurants in Fukushima Prefecture because you can enjoy the Hawaiian mood all year long in Japan. It is a proud tourist spot.

Not to mention hot springs and hula dance shows, we would like to recommend the huge body slider "Big Aloha" which will be opened in July 2017. This facility, newly built in a popular swimming pool, is the number one water slide in Japan due to its height difference and length. If you go to Fukushima in the summer, please come to visit us.

16. [Ibaraki Prefecture] Evening spots with spectacular views of the four seasons are extremely popular! "Hitachi Seaside Park"

Hitachi Seaside Park, located in Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture, is one of the largest national parks in Japan. The scenery of the flowers that change with the four seasons is especially beautiful here. The blue nemophila blooms in early summer and the red kokia blooms all over in autumn, which is a spectacular view.

This is a popular tourist spot and date spot. We especially recommend taking a stroll by cycling using a bicycle. If you can rush through the colorful flower garden while feeling the sea breeze, it will be the best feeling. It is a park that you must visit when you come to Ibaraki for sightseeing or travel.

17. [Ibaraki Prefecture] The scenery of Japan's three famous waterfalls is truly spectacular. A classic sightseeing course in Ibaraki prefecture! "Fukuroda Falls"

In fact, Ibaraki Prefecture has one of the three famous waterfalls in Japan. The tourist attraction is "Fukuroda Falls" in Kuji-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture. This waterfall boasts a height of 120 meters, and especially the autumn leaves and the huge ice waterfall that can be seen during the winter season are a must-see.

This tourist spot where you can enjoy the changes of the four seasons is also popular as a hiking course. The model course where you can take a walk around Fukuroda Falls to the "Tsukii Kannon", "Ikusetaki", and "Tsukii Castle Ruins" is popular, and it is a recommended sightseeing spot for those who want to take a leisurely stroll in the pleasant nature. I will.

18. [Tochigi Prefecture] A world heritage representing Japan that can be reached in 2 hours from Tokyo! "Nikko Toshogu"

The world heritage "Nikko Toshogu", which is a representative tourist spot in Tochigi Prefecture, is a popular tourist spot because it can be accessed from Tokyo in about 2 hours by train or car. Day trips are also popular, and there are plenty of accommodations for travelers from far away so you can enjoy either.

One of the highlights of Nikko Toshogu is the three monkeys, which are sculptures of the proverb, "I have no choice but to say nothing. In fact, there are many types of sculptures other than the three monkeys, and it is said that all sculptures represent a lifetime. Please visit Nikko Toshogu and see all the sculptures with your own eyes.