15 style dresses that you can easily wear both at home and outdoors

15 style dresses that you can easily wear both at home and outdoors

Violet Field inLifestyleMay 26, 2020 5 min read113 views

Let's say the trend of the summer of 2020: comfortable, useful, practical, glamorous dresses, you can wear beach slippers underneath and put on the beach, heels, and go out; Versatile outfits that you can comfortably wear even at home.

1. You will love the wooden beads and pocket details of this sleeveless dress with many color options.

This is one of the dresses that should have at least 1 in every house. The fabric is thin, very comfortable, does not sweat. It is a very pleasant dress that you can easily wear both at home and outside. 

One problem: will you be able to decide which color to choose? 

2. One of the cutest dresses of Trendyol Milla. It is both comfortable and very stylish.

You can wear it on a hot summer night with flat sandals underneath, or you can combine it with a high-heeled shoe for a nice dinner.

Let us state that it is a very beautiful and very comfortable outfit of all kinds.

3. This dress, which is 100% cotton knitted fabric, is extremely comfortable since the model is draped.

You can get the mold big, one size small. It is also a very comfortable dress for pregnant women. 

4. This is our choice for those who say that my dress should be comfortable and plain but also attractive.

This dress is made of lyocell denim, with a V-neck, waistband at the waist, wrapped at the front of the skirt, and a flounce. There is also a zipper on the back of the dress. 

5. It is not a dress, it is candy ... A great option for those who love to dress colorfully. There is also white for those who like simplicity.

This cute dress with short fluffy sleeves and flared skirt has fuchsia and white color option. Let's also mention that it is a model without primer. 

6. A very sweet dress with a ruffled skirt does not show the interior. If your height is not long, the skirt length may look a little longer than in the picture.

It is useful to take your full size or a big size as the fabric is not flexible. It is also an extremely comfortable dress for pregnant women . There are other colors. The price is also very affordable.

7. This dress, which is only available online, is one of the sweetest pieces of Lcw this season.

We love this color of this dress with 2 colors. The other color is black, but it is this beautiful green shade that shows the sweetness of the model.

8. You can find only this style dress in the sale!

The pocket detail of this black sleeveless dress that Koton only sells online is also very sweet. Let's also add that it is 100% cotton. 

9. The color and model are very beautiful ...

The button details of this sleeveless model give the look of a shirt dress at first glance. 

10. Do not go through this v-neck, open shoulder dress.

When it was summer dress, a floral model must have been on the list. You can combine it with heels under summer evenings and a flat sandal during the day.

Let's also mention that it is comfortable enough to wear at home.

11. An extremely comfortable, flowy dress.

You can also consider ordering a size small as it is a very draped model. 

12. Acceptance is not this dress, but we added it to our list as we liked it a lot.

This combination is actually sold overnight, let's mention it. Maybe not worn in the city but can be used very easily by the sea. It is also a great choice for those who want to be stylish at home. 

13. Do you think cotton is very successful in dress patterns this season?

The fabric of this dress with a khaki fine straps is satin. It draws attention with its mini slits and pocket details on the sides. 

It also has coffee and black. The truth is very beautiful, but I would definitely see your coffee. 

14. For simple lovers, this dress with 99% cotton content, and a slim hanger is from H&M.

This thin dress from thin viscose woven fabric has no lining. It is extremely comfortable as it is a shabby dress. A complete go-out model. The straps can be adjusted. 

15. It is our recommendation for those who are looking for a dress with a tail, comfortable, fine bohemian air.

You can also use this scarf of 100% cotton by tying your scarf. The upper part can be combined with shorts and used as a tunic.

It should be noted that despite wearing 2 pieces on top of each other, it is an extremely comfortable dress that does not sweat.