15 Places From All Over The World You Can Go To Make A Wish

15 Places From All Over The World You Can Go To Make A Wish

Violet Field inLifestyleJun 2, 2020 6 min read107 views

Let's examine these places, where people have been going to make wishes for many years and they believe that their wishes come true.

1. Gefion Fountain - Denmark

It is believed that this fountain in Copenhagen, Denmark will be real when money is thrown and wishes. At the head of the fountain is a statue of a woman with four bulls. This statue represents the pagan goddess Gefion. According to legend, the goddess turned her four sons into bulls and used them to plow their lands. 

2. Swann Fountain - Philadelphia

It is believed that these sculptures made in 1924 should be made by touching them separately. In these sculptures, the young girl leaning against the water-jet swan, Wissahickon Creek; holding the neck of a swan, the Schuylkill River; the young man figure trying to catch the head of a water spray fish represents the Delaware River. 

3. Kolomenskaya Palace - Moscow

In one of the cavities in Kolomenskaya Palace Museum, there are two pieces of rock, male and female, and these rocks are believed to fulfill the wishes of families who want to have children. 

4. Clootie - Scotland

The most important thing to do when you wish is to have a piece of cloth with you. It is believed that your wish will come true if you hang the piece of cloth by wishing one of the trees around the well, which is considered sacred. At the same time, it is believed that making a wish here protects from diseases. 

5. Red Square - Moscow

This area, known as the "zero points" in front of the Iberian Gate, the main entrance of the Red Square, was used for distance measurement in Russia. It is believed that the wishes are accepted bypassing the middle point of this field and throwing money backward. 

6. Trevi Fountain - Rome

One of the most famous fountains in the world, this Love Fountain in Rome is said to be called the Trevi Fountain (Three-Way Fountain) because it is located at the junction of three roads and the three underground waterways merge at this point. It is believed that this fountain, which welcomes thousands of visitors every year, people who throw money over their left shoulders at the beginning, will definitely come back to the city. It is believed that when two coins are thrown, your chances of love will increase and the three coins will get closer to the date of marriage. 

7. The Four Rivers Fountain - Novena

This extraordinary fountain made by Bernini is said to have been inspired by the world's four largest rivers, the Nile, Rio de la Plata, Ganges, and the Danube. The sculptures in the fountain represent the gods of these rivers.

8. Lujkov Bridge - Moscow

Moscow's Lujkov Bridge is one of the places where people who have become traditional in many parts of the world, who wish to strengthen togetherness and togetherness with their wishes. It is believed that their wishes are true when they put the key in the river by locking the bridge railing. 

9. Fountain of Love - Uruguay

As you can see, there are many locks on this fountain located in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. This means that when couples come here and hang together, their loyalty and happiness will last a lifetime. 

10. Lovers Monument - Moscow

In 2006, a heart made of large silver, known as the monument of lovers, was placed in the Hermitage Garden in the center of Moscow. It is believed that the wishes will be realized when the wishes are passed through this heart. 

11. Novodeviciy Monastery - Moscow

The Sofia Tower of the Novodevichiy Monastery, that is, the place where Princess Sofia is located, brings luck according to belief. Touching the walls of this tower with the right hand is said to be true when you wish. 

12. Virgin Mary's House - Izmir

The House of Virgin Mary, located in the Selcuk district of Izmir, is a sacred place by Christians. Visitors of this place write their wishes on a piece of paper or cloth and hang them on the wall. At the end of the year, these wishes are collected and burned collectively to come true. 

13. Grotesque Bridge - Moscow

On this bridge in Moscow, it is believed that when couples pass by holding hands, they will never leave and they will live in peace and harmony in their kissing couple while on the bridge. 

14. Bethesda Fountain - New York

A lot of people come to this Bethesda Fountain in Central Park every year. There is a statue with angel wings in the center of the fountain, which has been here since the late 19th century. It is believed that the wish will be realized in a short time when a coin is thrown and a wish is made in the fountain. 

15. The Sweating Column - Istanbul

There is an interesting legend of the sweating column in the Hagia Sophia museum, each part of which is very precious and beautiful. It is believed that during the construction of this building built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I, an emperor appeared inside the column and told him to finish the building as soon as possible. Another alleged story is that the emperor's headache passed quickly after leaning on this column while having a headache, and this column is believed to have healing properties. Here, people put their thumbs in the hole in the column, draw a circle and wish it.

No matter how superstitious he is, it is not possible to return without wish. What do you think about these beliefs?