12 brilliant folk life hacks for all occasions

12 brilliant folk life hacks for all occasions

Violet Field inLifestyleJul 6, 2020 3 min read616 views

From a way to quickly fill a blanket into a duvet cover until the dump truck is rescued from the pit.

A new selection of folk wisdom and brilliant ideas from web users. Perhaps some of these tips will be a real discovery for you.

1. Do you work on a laptop in the courtyard or on the loggia, where bright sunlight reduces the readability of the screen? An ordinary cardboard box will help you out. She, by the way, will reduce the heating level of the case.

Photo: benlouislebu / Reddit

2. Lifehack for girls who sometimes can not fasten a zipper on a dress on their own. Use a simple lace - it is easy to unhook it from the slider when the zipper is already fastened.

Shots: KatzDeli / Reddit

3. If you have a nearly square blanket, mark the two corners of its short side with a pen. So you can easily determine which side to tuck it into the duvet cover.

Photo: -Myrtle_the_Turtle- / Reddit

4. If there is no welding mask, then you can look at the welding spot through the smartphone’s camera. The main thing is to protect the gadget itself from sparks.

Shots: athrvpatil / Reddit

5. Do you have comfortable pockets on your running clothes? But are there laces on the shoes?

Photo: Team-CCP / Reddit

6. Did you find a puff or sticking thread on furniture fabric? Use the needle to simply push it inside. If this method does not work, another life hack will help you out.

Shots: Kevdog1800 / Reddit

7. On the laptop’s power cable, there’s usually a Velcro fastener to tie it. It is perfect for fixing the wire on the table leg so that it does not interfere underfoot.

Photo: petrolatumin / Reddit

8. A fairly well-known life faculty for all ground pepper lovers. If you haven’t seen him yet, he may surprise you.

Shots: Resident-Addition / Reddit

9. Love cold coffee in the heat, but ice significantly reduces the strength of the drink? Freeze the cooled coffee and use it instead of ice.

Photo: d_love_ / Reddit

10. An unusual life hack from India, which will help the truck to get out of a small pit without the help of other cars.

Shots: rgaywala / Reddit

11. Can't unscrew the bottle cap? Use a regular rubber band, it will significantly improve grip.

Photo: BootlegMoon / Reddit

12. And finally, a little magic that will help you quickly get the tangled cord.

Shots: Chilliance / Reddit