10 popular morning shops in Shibuya that are recommended for breakfast

10 popular morning shops in Shibuya that are recommended for breakfast

Violet Field inLifestyleMay 6, 2020 7 min read166 views

Here are 10 recommended morning restaurant rankings to eat in Shibuya. Please try it.

Shibuya is a place with many famous tourist spots such as Hachiko and 109. It's no exaggeration to go to the most prosperous town in Japan. Shibuya is crowded with many tourists every day. To enjoy sightseeing all day long, you must have a good breakfast! 

1. Morning in Shibuya with plenty of fresh vegetables. Radice

"Mottainai Farm Radice" is a cafe with stylish white parasols. This shop offers a healthy menu using "mottainai" vegetables that could not be put on the market because they were undersized or badly shaped. There are 6 types of morning sets. It is a morning set with a charming volume that makes you feel like you can spend a good day.

Besides, healthy vegetable bran bread with sugar content reduced to 90% of normal bread using vegetable juices with different effects such as fatigue recovery and anti-aging, and bran containing abundant nutrients such as dietary fiber. , Etc. is a specialty and offers a menu that gently caresses the body. Let's get well from the morning!

2. Morning "Brasserie VIRON" in Shibuya where you can enjoy honey, chocolate cream and 6 kinds of jams.

"Brasserie VIRON" with a striking red outer wall. The first floor is a bakery and the second floor is a cafe space. The spacious sofa seats where you can sit comfortably are based on red, and the interior is nostalgic and has a high-class feel.

Morning set is "Vilon's breakfast" 2000 yen. Baguette retro doll, cereal (cereal bread), vienoise lee (sweet bread), 6 kinds of jam and honey, coffee or tea, and orange juice are included in the set. Honey, chocolate cream, and 6 kinds of jams are provided in each bottle, and it looks gorgeous, and of course, you can use it as much as you want.

We also recommend the baguette sandwiches, which are made using the famous baguettes, and for lunch and dinner, we offer regional dishes and wines that make use of seasonal ingredients imported directly from France. Please come and visit us.

3. Get the world morning. Popular store in Shibuya "WORLD BREAKFAST ALL DAY"

"WORLD BREAKFAST ALL DAY" looks like an overseas store. There is only one large long table in a small shop with only 14 seats. You can enjoy breakfast all over the world in a cozy atmosphere like visiting a friend's house. It is a unique shop that introduces breakfast around the world while changing countries every two weeks.

The regular offerings are an American breakfast "pancake" with crispy bacon and plenty of maple syrup, a classic British breakfast, a hearty "full breakfast", and a traditional Swiss cereal "Muse". Lee "and so on. You can also enjoy drinks from all over the world.

Why not enjoy a traditional breakfast from around the world and feel like you're on a trip?

4. Enjoy morning from the morning in Shibuya. "PUBLIC HOUSE"

The easily accessible "PUBLIC HOUSE" is directly connected to JR Shibuya Station. In the spacious store where you can feel the warmth of wood, there are wide table seats where you can sit comfortably and counter seats, and some have PCs installed.

You can enjoy a breakfast buffet where you can enjoy a classic breakfast menu such as omelet, omelet, ham and wiener, sausage, salad, grilled seaweed, natto, rice, and miso soup. You can eat various side dishes and feel luxurious from the morning.

For lunch and dinner, casual Italian food is served. The good access that is directly connected to the station is also attractive. When you use Shibuya Station, why not enjoy the morning here?

5. Enjoy bread and coffee with particular attention to ingredients and quality. "Bread and espresso"

Small and stylish bakery "Bread and Espresso". There is a space where you can eat in the bright white-based store, and terrace seats are recommended on sunny days.

Morning set includes "Toast set", "French toast set", and "Pannini set". "French toast", which uses the most popular bread "Mu" in this shop, is a gem whose butter fragrance, the sweetness of the bread itself, and exquisite texture.

Bread finished with particular attention to ingredients and quality, and carefully brewed coffee has a taste that makes you want to go there every day. It is a popular store with many repeaters! Please use it for the morning.

6. Let's cover from morning to volume hot dog! . "Bon Vivant Baking Factory"

A bakery specializing in roll cakes and sandwiches on Shibuya Koen-dori. There is an eat-in space in a cute and stylish store like a European cafe, where you can eat freshly-baked muffins, tarts, bread and quiche made in the attached workshop.

The morning is a "hot dog" with a large sausage that sticks out of the bread and plenty of sunny lettuce. We also recommend a lot of thick sandwiches that are likely to make you feel uncomfortable. Besides, a menu that takes care of the superfoods such as Klockancheese using Keanu, tart using Piyata, and fruit balls with caps are offered. Please enjoy it in Shibuya!

7. Select shop of food. Morning "365 days" reputed in Shibuya Ward

"365 days" with Japanese modern sliding doors. As the food shop claims to be, there are glass cases lined with delicious bread, jams, and oils that have been carefully examined, seasonings, etc., and 6 counter seats as an eat-in space. There is.

The "365 days" morning is characterized by a wide variety of dishes, and there is also a menu for rice such as seasonal cooked rice and fish dishes. The recommended menu is "365 days". Toast & Seasonal toast or seasonal cooked rice and miso soup, fried egg, smoked salmon, green salad, potato salad, carrot rape.

In addition, we offer a wide variety of mornings such as fish which is a set of salted dried fish, rice with three colors of rice, miso soup, natto, etc., and rice ball with seasonal rice cooked rice with a small bowl and miso soup. I am. Please enjoy it.

8. Fashionable skillet from Nanbu Tekki. Fashionable "Are" in Shibuya

Creator's Cafe "Are" in "Shibuya Cast". You can enjoy breakfast away from the hustle and bustle of the city even though you can enjoy the stylish interior of the Scandinavian style in Shibuya in the bright glass-clad interior.

Popular "Are" mornings include "Spanish vegetable omelet", "Sausage & bacon & fried egg", "German-style pancake Dutch baby with fruit", which are offered by Nambu Tekki skillet. Bright and cute pancakes and omelets will make you feel like you are in the morning. When you come to Shibuya, be sure to try the exquisite morning here!

9. Japanese and Western buffet morning. "Hash Hash"

Shibuya Tokyu REI Hotel's “Hash Hash” is convenient near the station. Recommended when you want to spend a little rich morning. The morning of “Hash Hash” is a well-balanced Japanese and Western buffet featuring colorful vegetables selected by vegetable sommeliers. You can watch the omelet baked by the chef right in front of you, and you can enjoy the fresh omelet.

You can enjoy a luxurious feeling from the morning on the lined dishes. We also recommend a wide variety of lunches with a salad buffet including popular roast beef. Please enjoy delicious morning meals in Shibuya until your heart's content!

10. Ichiju Sansa, a traditional Japanese breakfast. "Japanese Cuisine Shunsai"

"Japanese cuisine Shunsai" in Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu. There are many repeaters due to the good access to Shibuya Station, so it is recommended when you want to spend a luxurious morning. "Shunsai" serves a refined Japanese breakfast of grilled fish and simmered dishes, a traditional soup, and three dishes. If you enjoy a rich Japanese breakfast with a view of 100m above the ground, you can start a healthy day.

For lunch, we offer seasonal Japanese dishes such as the gorgeous two-tiered lunch "Rei Bento" popular with women. This is a recommended shop in Shibuya where you can enjoy not only the morning but also lunch. It is worth visiting.