10 most majestic valleys in the world

10 most majestic valleys in the world

Violet Field inLifestyleJun 5, 2020 3 min read281 views

Besides famous landmarks, some countries such as Switzerland, Canada, Indonesia ... also attract tourists to explore by the spectacular beauty of the valleys.

Barun Valley, Nepal: Located at the foot of Mount Makalu, anyone coming to this valley can see the whole scenery of Makalu Barun National Park and the beautiful Himalayas. It includes many fertile forests, rugged canyons, and majestic waterfalls. Some rare plants and animals in the South Asia ecosystem are also being preserved here. 

Kalalau Valley, Hawaii: The valley on Kauai Island owns one of the most beautiful beaches in the world called "Kalalau". However, you will not be able to use any other means of transportation besides walking here. Photo: Journey Era. 

Lotschental Valley, Switzerland: Stretching 27 km, this is the largest valley in Switzerland, surrounded by high mountains up to 3,000 m with snow all year round. This has created many unique scenes, attracting tourists to this land. 

Harau Valley, Indonesia: Harau Valley is where you will find beautiful natural landscapes such as forests, mountains, golden fields ... Visitors should visit this place by walking and looking in advance. homestay along the way to make your trip to the fullest. 

Ten Peaks Valley, Canada: One of the most beautiful valleys in the world is the Ten Peaks in Canada's national park. It is surrounded by many spectacular peaks, numbered from one to 10. However, three recent peaks have been named after the excellent individuals in the world.

Simplon Valley, Italy: The valley of the famous Alps is surrounded by two Pennine mountains with Lepontine as high as nearly 4,000 m. With a prime location, this place is located between Switzerland and Italy. You absolutely can take advantage of exploring the beauty in both countries if you have the opportunity to visit.  

Romsdal Valley, Norway: Norway is famous for its many beautiful valleys. In it, Romsdal in Horheimseidet is surrounded by mountains higher than 1,500 m. Here you will find clean streams, waterfalls, and rivers flowing through the valley. 

Haa Valley, Bhutan: Dubbed the pearl nestled in Himalaya, Haa valley is famous for its beautiful outdoor landscapes. Getting from Paro airport is the fastest way to get here. The most perfect time to explore places often in the spring each year. 

Nubra Valley, India: Nubra Valley becomes one of the destinations not to be missed in Ladakh, the land dubbed Little Tibet of India. Located at an altitude of 3,000 m, the easiest way to get to this area is to pass Khardung La pass and out of town. However, foreign visitors must have a permit to enter the valley. 

Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland: Located in the Alps, Lauterbrunnen is known as "the most beautiful valley in Europe". The place attracts tourists by its majestic natural landscape, including hundreds of cliffs and transparent waterfalls.