10 best batting centers in Chiba

10 best batting centers in Chiba

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A batting center that is popular as a place for practice training and a place for stress relief.

It is a popular facility for both men and women, as a place where friends, lovers, families, and of course, one person can easily exercise. There are many batting centers in Chiba that beginners, as well as beginners, can easily enjoy. Here, we will carefully select 10 recommended batting centers in Chiba and introduce them. 

■ From beginners to authentic students "Swing Stadium Chiba Minato"

First, we will introduce the indoor facility "Swing Stadium Chiba Minato" in Chiba city. Since it is the only indoor facility in this area, there is no problem on a stormy day. Virtual batting is available from 65 km to 125 km, so beginners to authentic people can be satisfied. There is also a toss batting corner, so you can practice in advance. 

■ Old-fashioned outdoor type "Chiba North Batting Center"

Next, we will introduce the old-fashioned outdoor facility "Chiba Kita Batting Center". Since it is an outdoor type, it has a great open feeling. When the weather is nice, you can relax stress comfortably. Wednesday is Women's Day, so you can get unlimited for 500 yen for women. I've always wanted to get rid of stress! Recommended for women. 

■ Satisfied with the orthodox school “Hitakuya Hoshikuki Batting Center”

Next, I would like to introduce you to the "Hitakuya Hoshikuki Batting Center" in Chiba, which has a retro and old-fashioned atmosphere. This is also an outdoor facility where you can enjoy both hard and soft styles. There are even machines with a speed of 160 km / h, so you will be satisfied with it. Left-handed people are also safe because the 9-bats in the facility correspond to both left and right. 

■ Dome type bassen "Nicke Corton batting dome"

Next, I would like to introduce the Nikke Corton Batting Dome, a dome-shaped facility in Ichikawa City. Since it is a dome shape, it is not affected by the weather and because it is virtual batting, even beginners can take timing with confidence. The clerk also kindly teaches me so I am happy that I can go with peace of mind. The facility is also carefully cleaned and you can use it comfortably. 

■ Affordable "Narashinodai Giants"

Next, we will introduce the Narashinodai Giants, an outdoor facility in Funabashi City. It is a well-established batting center that is popular at a reasonable price and has many local fans. The arm type machine is adopted. It is a batting center that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. 

"Red Stadium" with baseball classroom for children

Next, I would like to introduce the indoor stadium “Red Stadium” in Matsudo City. There are 3 batting machines, you can enjoy both soft type and hard type, and you can choose from 90km to 130km. Full equipment. You can also practice pitching with a real bullpen. As coaches also provide individual instruction, it can be used as a baseball class for children. 

■ "Lucky batting dome" that satisfies children, women, and orthodox people

Next, I will introduce the indoor type facility "Lucky Batting Dome" in Yachiyo City. It is an indoor type, but it is open with a dome-shaped ceiling. There are multiple speeds available so that women and children can enjoy themselves. If you hit the target of HR, there is also a system that gives you the flight distance with its strength, so you can enjoy it even for authentic people. There is also a table tennis corner and a game corner so you can enjoy it all day long. 

■ “Round One Yachiyo Murakami” is perfect for a family fun

Next, I would like to introduce "Round One Yachiyo Murakami Store" in Yachiyo City. It is an amusement facility that spreads nationwide in front of Murakami Station, but the batting center is also very satisfying. You can also choose the bat at left and right, and you can choose the type of ball, so it's great for children and women. Of course, bowling and other games are also available, so it's a perfect facility for a whole family day. 

■ Outdoor and open "Togane Batting Center"

Next is the Togane Batting Center in Togane. There is plenty of openness in the outdoor facility. It is a softball, has left and right bats, and is from 90km. It is a traditional batting center, but the ball is easy to see and hit, so it is recommended for beginners. There are also HR-like points, and it is a popular point for regulars that the home run prize is gorgeous. 

■ "Asahi Batting Center Japan" that even beginners can enjoy

Lastly, we will introduce "Asahi Batting Center JAPAN" in Asahi City. This is an outdoor type virtual batting facility. In addition to HR, there are 1 base hits and 2 base hits, so even beginners can enjoy batting easily. It is also nice that the maintenance is done well, such as changing the ball regularly. 


We introduced 10 recommended batting centers in Chiba. There were various facilities from Chika Station where you can feel free to drop in after work or school, to facilities where you can enjoy a family day on a holiday. Was there a facility you were interested in? Even if you are new to the experience, the staff will kindly teach you, so please feel free to try it.