Xbox boss auctioned off autographed console on eBay

Xbox boss auctioned off autographed console on eBay

Violet Field inHigh TechJan 30, 2021 2 min read0 views

The funds raised will be entirely donated to a non-profit organization that helps underprivileged students in New York

The Xbox Serie X signed and sold at auction has never been used. (Illustration) - DR

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's Xbox division, has a signed Series X console for sale on eBay. He announced the news on Tuesday, January 26 at the New York Game Awards, an awards ceremony dedicated to video games, reports Phonandroid.

The businessman said that all of the funds raised will be donated to the New York Video Game Critics Circle. The non-profit organization helps underprivileged students in the Bronx and the Lower East Side of New York.

Great cause, happy to be part of this auction.

- Phil Spencer (@ XboxP3) January 27, 2021

The bids rose to 3,200 dollars

The dedicated console "was only opened so that Phil Spencer could sign it," said the announcement posted Wednesday, January 27 on the auction site. At present, the price of the Xbox Series X equipped with a storage space of 1 TB has reached 3,200 dollars (2,637 euros).

On the other hand, auctions are only accessible to people residing in the United States. They will end on February 2. Whoever has won them will be delivered the precious console out of stock all over the world. Like Sony and it's Playstation 5, Microsoft is facing component supply problems due to the Covid-19 pandemic.