Xavier Niel is counting on "end of February" to see 5G arrive in Paris

Xavier Niel is counting on "end of February" to see 5G arrive in Paris

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According to the Telecoms Regulatory Authority, more than 7,500 5G sites have been commercially opened since the end of November, outside Paris and major metropolises

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Even if "it does not depend on [him]", Xavier Niel still obviously has his little idea on the subject. The founder of Free thus estimated Monday that 5G will be available in Paris "before the end of February for all operators".

For the moment, the capital still does not benefit from the latest generation mobile network while more than 7,500 5G sites have been commercially opened by Orange, SFR, Free, and Bouygues Telecom since the end of November in France, outside of Paris and the major cities. , according to data published by the Telecoms Regulatory Authority (Arcep).

When is 5G in Paris? Xavier Niel: "I think it will happen before the end of February, for all operators"

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Why is it taking so long? “Because Paris was a prudent city, there was fear. The city has tried to do things pretty well. I was a bit critical a month ago but I have the impression that things are moving in the right direction, ”said Xavier Niel in an interview with BFM Business.

Large, cautious cities

From Paris to Nantes, several mayors of large cities have decided to launch a "public debate" in particular to respond to a "need for transparency" from citizens about the impact of the deployment of 5G on the environment or health. Other municipalities like Lille have already announced that they are in favor of a moratorium until the publication scheduled for spring 2021 of a report from the National Health Security Agency (Anses).

Anxious to avoid any standoff, operators and public authorities have assured that they will take into account local reluctance to defuse a subject that has become controversial since the Citizen's Climate Convention itself recommended a moratorium this summer. “We hope it's a matter of weeks” to see Paris be covered in 5G, said the founder of Free.

While 5G promises to ultimately offer up to 10 times faster speed, operators are counting above all on its launch to manage the increase in traffic and avoid saturation of their mobile networks.