With Paasport, you can't cheat during your online workout

With Paasport, you can't cheat during your online workout

Violet Field inHigh TechJan 12, 2021 3 min read2 views

The CES Las Vegas 2021 begins is held from Monday to Thursday in virtual because of the health crisis linked to the coronavirus. In New Aquitaine, the company ST37 will present its platform of fitness challenges and

Illustration: A fitness class. - LANCELOT FREDERIC / SIPA
  • It is a particular Consumer Electronics Show which opened this Monday in Las Vegas with a 100% virtual meeting. Because of the coronavirus, start-ups will present their innovations on video.
  • Among the French companies present, we find ST37 which will present its platform of fitness challenges.
  • Specialized in video arbitration in the sports sector, the company ST37 offers a platform where the correctness of the gestures made by the practitioners can be evaluated.

If you choose the Paasport platform, there is no question of loosely following the workout on your screen, repeating the gestures in an approximate way. This innovation proposed by the Pau company ST37 and of which a prototype will be presented in preview until Thursday at CES in Las Vegas is able to verify that the movements are correctly executed.

For its second participation in the high-tech show, ST 37, a start-up created almost three years ago, hopes to create a sensation with a platform for organizing online fitness challenges, inspired by confinement. Provider of video arbitration to the international fencing federation for ten years, the company wanted to open up to all those who wish to practice a sporting activity and who have a small camera and Internet access.

A virtual assistant as a coach

“Anyone can do it, anywhere,” says Carolina Riquelme, co-founder of the company. There is a virtual assistant (who plays the role of referee and coach) who helps organize and referee the challenge. You can challenge yourself or challenge other participants, by deciding on a number of movements (flexions, push-ups, etc.) to repeat in a given time, for example. "You have to know that we are doing it correctly, that we are not going to hurt ourselves but also that there is a playful aspect, and a connection to others in a spirit of competition", specifies the co-founder.

During fitness exercises, which is also the basis of training for professional athletes, we see ourselves on the screen and we can correct ourselves as the session progresses. “If my shoulder is too low, for example, I can reposition myself to arrive in the green, explains Caroline Riquelme. The assistant makes it possible to correct oneself in real-time but also to be fair in relation to the evaluation of the various participants. "

For individuals, companies, athletes ...

To make its platform attractive, the company wants to be inspired by video games and earn points if the exercise is performed correctly. They give access to new features called "superpowers" allowing them to benefit from a time advantage or score to be used against his opponents, for example. Here again, the virtual assistant ensures that the rules are respected.

Still, at the prototype stage, the platform would be accessible thanks to a monthly subscription "accessible to all", but the amount of which has not yet been defined. The show will be an opportunity for the company to see which companies are interested in order to establish its priorities for its production plan, announced for the first half of 2021.

If the platform relies on the appetite of individuals anxious to continue to move during the health crisis, it also believes that it could appeal to groups such as collectives of seniors in residence, young people deprived of extracurricular activities, athletes in need of '' basic training, teleworking employees lacking group cohesion, etc.