With Gal Gadot and Lashana Lynch, the spy film is feminized (finally)

With Gal Gadot and Lashana Lynch, the spy film is feminized (finally)

Violet Field inHigh TechJan 18, 2021 2 min read14 views

With Gal Gadot as the heroine of a new spy franchise and Lashana Lynch with number 007, the spy film finally gives a voice to women

Actress Gal Gadot - Hubert Boesl / picture-alliance

From Mata Hari to Gabrielle Petit to Gertrude Bell, women have played a big role in the history of intelligence. And yet, the heroes of the great spy sagas in cinema such as " James Bond ", "Jack Ryan", "Jason Bourne" or "Kingsman" or "Mission Impossible" are usually worn by male characters. Will James Bond find his female alter ego in the years to come? This is the wish of Netflix and Gal Gadot. Indeed, the Los Gatos platform has acquired the hotly contested rights to the film Heart of Stone, developed by the production company Skydance Media. With this spy thriller featuring big-budget action and international ambitions, the Wonder Woman star and Netflix hope to launch a James Bond-style female spy franchise. If successful, it would be the first part of a long line, announces the American site Deadline.

Judy Bench brought a feminine touch from 1995 to 2012 by camping M, the director of MI6, in the James Bond franchise, succeeding its previous performers, all-male. A choice which could be due to the fact that the British MI5 (Bond and M are in MI6) saw for the first time, in 1992, arrives at its head a woman, Stella Rimington, who directed it until 1996.

007 will be played by a black woman

While procrastination over who will be Daniel Craig's successor in the James Bond costume rife, the English tabloid Mail on Sunday revealed in July that after the adventures of Specter, James Bond has retired, and so on. abandoned his famous number 007. MI6 then reassigned him to a new spy, or rather spy, played by the British actress Lashana Lynch, seen in Captain Marvel. So it seems that women will take more and more place in spy films. A step that the world of series has already taken with the successes of Homeland, Killing Eve, or The Americans.