WhatsApp will force its users to share their data with Facebook

WhatsApp will force its users to share their data with Facebook

Violet Field inHigh TechJan 8, 2021 2 min read12 views

People using messaging will have until February 8 to accept these new terms of use or opt out of the application.

The new WhatsApp terms of use will come into effect on February 8. - Geeko

WhatsApp plans to renew its terms of use by February 8. From that date, all messaging users will have to share their data with Facebook and its various entities, reports Phonandroid.

Some people have already received a notification informing them of this change, which might go unnoticed at first. The application, acquired by Facebook in 2014, indeed presents these new conditions as more advantageous in terms of security and integrity.

Uh, how's that after February 8 we won't have a choice ?! .... #WhatsApp pic.twitter.com/BTrQi8NSFZ

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Profile pictures, contacts, and IP address

Sharing data with Facebook, Instagram or Messenger would thus allow WhatsApp to “operate, provide, improve, understand, personalize, support and market [its] services and their offers”. Except that the messaging system will soon be able to transmit a significant amount of information about its users by not leaving them the choice to refuse.

Your phone number, your name, your profile picture, your status, your contacts, your transaction data, or even your IP address may thus be communicated to the social network and its subsidiaries. Until now, WhatsApp left the choice to its users to refuse such sharing of personal data.

The app could be shunned

Those who do not accept its terms of use will soon no longer be able to use the application and will only have to uninstall it. This provision concerns all countries of the world and represents a turning point. Indeed, WhatsApp has so far been a good student in the protection of personal data. This new trajectory could push users to download alternative messaging services that are more respectful of privacy, such as Signal.