Traffic to illegal download sites plummeted thanks to Google

Traffic to illegal download sites plummeted thanks to Google

Violet Field inHigh TechJan 5, 2021 1 min read11 views

Pirate sites have experienced a drop of 100 million visits in one year, during the year 2020

Drawing. Illegal downloading - VALINCO / SIPA

Internet traffic from pirate sites fell considerably in 2020. Involved? Pressed by the rights holders of cultural content, Google has made several updates to its algorithms to stop the referencing of these sites in its search results, reports Torrent Freak relayed by Phonandroid.

100 million fewer visits

In January, a first update of the search engine made it possible to exclude many sites offering films and series in streaming or illegal downloading. A second update made it possible to drive the point home in May.

MUSO, a research firm dedicated to the fight against piracy, saw a 20% drop in traffic to pirate sites after this second update. In one year, visits have fallen sharply on illegal downloading and streaming sites, dropping from 350 million Internet users to 250 million in December 2020.

Looking at search engine traffic, which comes primarily from Google results, visits were below the 100 million marks in December 2020, according to MUSO. An administrator of the Torrent file-sharing site confirmed the trend to Torrent Freak.