Three useful apps to quit smoking

Three useful apps to quit smoking

Violet Field inHigh TechJan 26, 2021 4 min read0 views

All help is welcome when trying to meet such a challenge

Those who have tried to quit smoking in the past know that sticking to it is not always easy. If there is no miracle recipe, some mobile applications can however facilitate the transition, through advice, by creating motivation, or by compiling statistics ... A brief overview of the best tools to stop smoking.

Ouiquit, full of good vibes

Yes, it's a rather classic application, but with a little something extra: a kind of personal diary in which the smoker can indicate his feelings daily, in order to see the evolution over the long term. The home page displays all of the smoker's stats, from money saved to their no-smoking record, to days of life “gained”. The user can also make a complete program by specifying his smoking habits - how many cigarettes he smokes each day, the type of cigarette he usually buys, his expenses, before moving on to his ambitions. It is not a question here of stopping in a week but of creating a realistic program providing for a gradual reduction in consumption.

3 apps to quit smoking - Geeko

Another plus: an anonymous chat where users can ask for advice, discuss their problems, or share tips and tricks that work well for them. More than an application, Ouiquit is therefore practically a social network that does not take itself too seriously with its funny quotes and even a few mini-games to decompress. Looking for good vibes, this is definitely your best option!

Flamy, challenge yourself!

More sober in its interface, Flamy is an application that relies more on its community and the challenges to change the habits of smokers. We collect kinds of trophies to motivate ourselves and thus follow our progress in terms of health, which are notified at the slightest improvement. In the same vein, you can challenge friends by trying to beat their records. A social feature much appreciated by the community.

3 apps to quit smoking - Geeko

The data presented are theoretical and therefore do not represent 100% the reality of the smoker, but rather a general average. So we shouldn't take everything at face value. But the statistics provided are motivating. The application also makes it possible to define the triggers for relapses and then analyze the bad habits of the smoker, which can be very practical to change his habits in the long term - whether with regard to diet, meals, or socializing for example. However, certain functions are reserved for users who will opt for the paid version of the software (one-time purchase).

Stop smoking Assistant, for those who want to reduce their expenses

Very often, the urge to quit smoking goes hand in hand with the smoker's desire to reduce his cigarette budget. Considering the price of tobacco in general, there are indeed nice savings to be made. This is precisely the argument raised by this application with its very sober design, which allows you to set goals with various rewards. Do you fancy a new TV or sneakers? Enter its price, description, in your goals, set the money aside and the app will help you reach your goal while telling you each day how long to wait before you have saved enough money for it. purchase mentioned.

3 apps to quit smoking - Geeko

The app also offers long-term projections. You will learn that you will save 59.5 euros per week ... 255 euros per month, but also 3,102.5 euros per year and up to 62,050 euros over a period of 20 years ... Which opens up prospects.

Some paid features are also part of the game with the ability to customize the interface and access pretty graphics.