Steam beats its audience record

Steam beats its audience record

Violet Field inHigh TechJan 7, 2021 3 min read2 views

Of those 25 million users, only 7.2 million were playing at the same time

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If the health crisis and the resulting confinement have had a negative impact on many cultural sectors, the video game sector has fared rather well. The video game scene has indeed benefited greatly from the fact that a large part of the world's population was confined at home. In addition to developers and manufacturers of consoles and PC gaming, online video game stores have also benefited. This is particularly the case of Steam, which has just beaten its own record for the number of users connected simultaneously with 25,418,674 million players, on Sunday, January 3, 2021.

During the first confinement, last March, the platform had already broken a record bypassing for the first time the bar of 20 million users connected at the same time. Since then, with the arrival of the second wave and the establishment of second confinement around the world, the number of players connected simultaneously has continued to increase to pass the 25 million mark. users connected during the first weekend of 2021. It should be noted all the same that only 7.2 million of them were playing.

The recent release of the long-awaited Cyberpunk 2077 - the PC version of which has received much less criticism than the console versions -, the winter holidays and lockdown, as well as the platform's sales campaign, have certainly helped Steam to pass the milestone. of the 25 million connected users.

Epic Games Stores and co.

It's a safe bet that other video game platforms have also taken advantage of the context to bring together a large number of players at the same time. In addition to the health situation and confinement, the end of the year period is often synonymous with free games for many platforms. This is particularly the case of the Epic Games Store which did not hesitate to offer big games such as Metro 2033, Alien: Isolation, Tropico 5, Jurassic World Evolution, and many others during the last fortnight of December. What largely attract the players.

Launched in 2018 only, the Fortnite developer video game store is Steam's main competitor. Despite its young age and its lighter catalog compared to that of the Valve platform, the Epic Games Store has many cards in hand to seriously compete with Steam, thanks in particular to its strategy favorable to developers. It will still need more to catch up with Steam and beat its record for the number of users connected simultaneously.