Spotify offers a new parental control option

Spotify offers a new parental control option

Violet Field inHigh TechJan 15, 2021 2 min read3 views

Spotify Kids, the music app for toddlers, welcomes new shared play functionality

Spotify offers a new parental control option - Geeko

The leader in music streaming services is enriching its offer for toddlers. Spotify has just announced the arrival of a new feature called “Shared Playlist”. The latter allows parents to share musical tracks with their offspring. In this way, parents can share their favorite songs with their children through specific playlists.

For this, parents will need to go to the settings of the Spotify Kids application, an area protected by a PIN code. They can then share their reading track or create a new playlist. If explicit songs are in either playlist, they will be marked with an “E”, so parents can remove them - or not - from their children's play track. If they wish, they will have to do it from the Spotify app and not the Kids version.

For little ears

Launched in October 2019, Spotify Kids is intended - as its name suggests - for children. The platform is different from the original application and only offers music and podcasts suitable for a young audience. The available songs do not contain any reference to sex, drugs, violence, or any other speech inappropriate for young ears.

The application is available in a limited number of countries and in particular in France. Spotify Kids should still be rolled out in other countries in the coming months.