Sony stops production of four PS4 models

Sony stops production of four PS4 models

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Stocks of four PS4 models will no longer be bailed out

Sony stops production of several PS4 models - geeko

With the release of the PlayStation 5 last December, that was to be expected. Sony has decided to stop the production of several models of PS4, in order to concentrate on its new generation of consoles. Four PlayStation 4 models are affected by this production shutdown, namely the PS4 500 GB Glacier White, the PS4 1 TB, the PS4 2 TB Jet Black, and the PS4 Pro 1 TB Glacier White. Only the Jet Black 500 GB version will continue - for a time - to be produced, Sony Interactive Entertainment told Japanese media Game Watch.

This does not mean the death of the console, the first model of which was released in 2013. It will also always be possible to get one, but this will depend only on the stocks of suppliers and stores. Sony will no longer produce new copies. As for current PlayStation 4 owners, there is no need to worry. Your console will continue to function and new video games will also be released on it, including Far Cry 6, Hogwarts Legacy, Horizons Forbidden West, and Hitman 3.

Make way for the new generation

Sony's decision to end the production of several PS4 models is not surprising, even if the Japanese manufacturer had said it wanted to continue with the PS4 for several more years.

This should still allow Sony to focus on the production of PlayStation 5. Launched in December 2020, Sony's next-gen console has been a huge success, recording the biggest launch in console history in the United States. United, according to the Japanese firm. Unfortunately, the stocks at its release were not sufficient, so that the console is in shortage all over the world. The halt in production of several PS4 models should allow Sony to double down on PS5 production.