Sony's PS5 reportedly broke 2020 delivery record

Sony's PS5 reportedly broke 2020 delivery record

Violet Field inHigh TechDec 31, 2020 2 min read12 views

The Japanese giant shipped 3.4 million copies of its latest console to retailers around the world in the month following its release in November.

A PS5 in a store in Japan. - Keita Iijima / AP / SIPA

Sony reportedly shipped 3.4 million PS5s to retailers around the world in its first month on the market in November 2020. The company has never shipped so many PlayStation to retailers in such a short time. The Japanese giant would also intend to provide traders with 16.8 to 18 million copies of its flagship product over the whole of 2021, reports the Digitimes site reported by Presse-Citron.

It will take such an effort to meet customer demand. Because despite this shipment, the latest addition to the brand is out of stock throughout the world in traditional distribution channels. The phenomenon would therefore be due more to the fervor that accompanied its arrival on the market than to an excessively limited supply.

Compatible with PS4 games

They also eagerly awaited, previous versions of Sony's PlayStation had not been the subject of such enthusiasm. The previous model, the PS4, had nevertheless sold more than 115 million copies. Several reasons can explain the runaway surrounding the PS5, Analysis Presse-Citron. In particular, the fact that the console was the subject of a simultaneous release in all countries, while the other versions had been gradually marketed throughout the world. A PS5 also has the advantage of being compatible with almost all games intended for the PS4, while offering technical improvements to some of these titles.