Slack messaging victim of a global outage for a few hours

Slack messaging victim of a global outage for a few hours

Violet Field inHigh TechJan 6, 2021 2 min read0 views

Widely used by teleworkers, the messaging service was unreachable for at least three hours

Slack's outage is believed to be due to Google and Outlook calendars. (Illustration) - Omar Marques / SOPA Images / Sipa / SIPA

Slack was affected by a global outage on Monday, January 4 in the late afternoon, reports Le Monde. For most of the users, it was not possible to connect to the instant messaging service and send messages. All the platform's functionalities were affected, whether on the application or on the website. At around 7 p.m., most connections were re-established according to the Down Detector site.

$ 27.7 billion

Slack has been transparent. Very quickly, the American company sent customers and users explanations of this failure. The latter was linked to features related to Google and Outlook calendars, as well as certain e-mail notifications.

Already growing before the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, Slack has gained new users thanks to the implementation of teleworking within companies all over the planet. At the time of the first lockdown, last March, more than twelve million users were connected simultaneously. This success has whetted some appetites. US software publisher Salesforce spent $ 27.7 billion to buy Slack in December.