Signal messaging was installed 47 million times in two weeks

Signal messaging was installed 47 million times in two weeks

Violet Field inHigh TechJan 21, 2021 2 min read1 views

The number of people who downloaded the app jumped 9,500% between January 4 and 17

Many WhatsApp users now favor Signal. - ISOPIX / SIPA

Signal's boom continues. According to Sensor Tower, an institute specializing in mobile application data, American encrypted messaging was downloaded 47 million times around the world between January 4 and January 17. A boom that can be attributed to the bad buzz that WhatsApp has suffered for two weeks, reports Le Figaro.

The application owned by Facebook has been massively uninstalled since the announcement of a change in its terms of use. From February 8, WhatsApp intended to share the data of its users with Mark Zuckerberg's social network and its other entities.

Privacy doesn't need to be delayed, and it shouldn't be this confusing. You can just download Signal now.

- Signal (@signalapp) January 20, 2021

A dazzling leap

The messenger finally postponed the problem until May 15th. The company defended itself by explaining that this measure was primarily intended to help companies to better communicate with their customers via the platform. But the damage was already done.

Many WhatsApp users have turned to Signal, which is often considered one of the most secure messengers around. According to Sensor Tower, the app was downloaded to only 491,000 devices between December 21 and January 3. A figure that increased by 9,500% over the next two weeks.

The controversy also benefits Telegram

The WhatsApp blunder also benefited Telegram, the encrypted messaging system created by two Russians. The latter was downloaded 33 million times between January 4 and 17. Its growth is 150% compared to the previous fifteen days.

But the Facebook subsidiary is far from being blacklisted by everyone. At the same time, it was installed on 19 million devices. The number of downloads of the app is even on the rise as the controversy weakens. WhatsApp was downloaded 1.2 million times on January 14, compared to 1.5 million times the following day.