Next-Tech France: French LED and Xenon lighting

Next-Tech France: French LED and Xenon lighting

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We met Keywan Moosavi, the founder of the Next-Tech® brand, specialist in LED and Xenon lighting.

We met Keywan Moosavi, the founder of the Next-Tech® brand, specialist in LED and Xenon lighting.

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We met Keywan Moosavi, the founder of the Next-Tech® brand, specialist in LED and Xenon lighting.

Can you tell us about the French brand Next-Tech® and its history?

Of course with pleasure ! Next-Tech France was born from a passion for the automobile. Like all lovers of two and four wheels, I tried to optimize the lighting. Quickly, I realized that I couldn't find reliable, high-end products with real technical added value. Next-Tech® was born with the ambition to meet these expectations. We only market lighting, whether it is 12 volts for cars, motorcycles, scooters, quads or even for trucks and camper vans which are 24 volts. It is therefore important for us to be able to respond to each vehicle, whatever its category. Our catalog offers ever more technical products, because we are faced with car manufacturers who are constantly evolving, which pushes us to offer Canbus LED bulbs or Canbus xenon kits that are more and more efficient and compatible with this type of electrical circuit. called "multiplexing".

Our Canbus bulbs, LED or xenon kits, must always be more efficient while remaining compatible with new technologies from manufacturers. Next-Tech® quickly became a major player in the field of automotive lighting by offering, among other things, xenon bulbs for all production vehicles with the option. Today, the Next-Tech France brand is distributed in France and internationally in the largest brands of automotive accessories such as Norauto, Feu Vert, Speedy, Roady, but also by independent garages. Recently, some of our products have been distributed by GT2i, a leader in motor racing for more than 35 years. We are in negotiations with to relay the distribution of our products on their platform.

We stand out from our competitors because everything is managed internally, marketing, our packaging, our advertising, etc. All these tasks are carried out on our premises, which allows us to have an extraordinary reactivity. “Today we think, today we create”.

We have recently invested in digital machines, milling machines, laser engraving & cutting, press, to be autonomous and thus be able to produce unique products, displays, adaptation parts with the materials we choose.

We are the only brand to offer this added value in Europe, because this type of machine is extremely complex to use and this requires know-how that goes beyond trading (Purchase / Resale). This year we are also going to invest in an automatic line which will allow us to have a higher rate for the preparation of our orders.

Next-Tech® now has a community of over 75,000 Followers on social networks.

Next-Tech is very present in competition, can you tell us about it?

Next-Tech® is also represented in very high level competition, Christophe Guyot from GMT94 who, I would remind you, has an impressive track record of 3 World Titles - 20 wins - 54 podiums - 15 pole positions. Since 2018, the GMT94 has moved to the World SuperSport WSBK. We still follow them to this day. We are also equipping the famous pilot and stuntwoman, Marine Pidoux, in feature film and television, who is racing in the Ultimate Cup Series this year. She is also our muse! Today, Next-Tech® is represented in the world championships, at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and at the famous Bol d'or by around fifteen teams with among them Moto-Ain # 96, Official Team Dafy Moto and Yamaha Supported Team , Double winner of the 2019 and 2020 World Endurance Cup. Moto-Ain # 96 is also a development team for Michelin tires. Added to this is Team # 18 Sapeurs Pompier CMS Motostore, Team # 202 CMPN which represents the National Police team with Amandine Creusot as a pilot, among others, but also Team Pitlane Endurance # 86 to name a few. them. What could be better than 24-hour endurance races to solicit and severely test our items in order to prove their reliability and thus offer a lifetime warranty for our products?

Why change its original lighting by Led or Xenon?

Many customers complain that they can't see anything at night or in the rain with their original lighting. Next-Tech® offers alternative solutions with halogen bulbs type xenon effect , LED bulbs, xenon kits or even Laser technology. All these products are intended to improve the lighting of users, whether in town, on country lanes or on the highway. We offer several types of power ranging from 35 W to more than 150 W, and even 800 W for certain LED bars fitted to all-terrain vehicles such as 4x4s. Today, our best sellers focus on LEDs: quick to change and instantaneous ignition. We also offer rapid ignition xenon kits. Xenon is one of the only technologies that can offer different color reflections. Indeed, depending on the temperature of the xenon gas, we manage to obtain rather warm or rather cold colors.

Do your products comply with French legislation?

You should know that we have been working with two reliable suppliers since our beginnings, for a simple reason, the continuity of the quality of our products. Each product that is manufactured goes through a series of tests in order to precisely meet our specifications. In fact, most of the products in the Next-Tech® catalog are guaranteed for life. We work in close collaboration with several technical control centers in order to be informed about the latest developments in legislation.

What are the error boxes available in your online store for?

Canbus Next-Tech® ODB error-proof boxes are nowadays a common language when it comes to changing bulbs. As I enumerated a little above, the multiplexing borrowed by car manufacturers is sometimes very difficult to counter. Despite our efforts, some vehicles may require the addition of boxes to remove the error on the dashboard.

You should know that in multiplexing, nothing is logical. An enclosure may be needed on a 2008 vehicle while the same error-proof bulbs on a 2013 vehicle will not be useful. All the difficulty is there, to offer high-performance and miniature products, because the space of the optics is very limited depending on the vehicle model.

Is it easy to install Led bulbs or a xenon kit alone?

Even if we strongly recommend having xenon kits or LED bulbs installed by professionals, it is of course possible for the DIY customer to change them himself.

It is essential, on the other hand, to check the year of your vehicle before starting any modifications.