Millions of dating app scams in 2020

Millions of dating app scams in 2020

Violet Field inHigh TechJan 24, 2021 2 min read1 views

Interpol has decided to act to fight this phenomenon

The crooks create a relationship of trust with their target before encouraging them to invest in fake applications. - JOHN MOORE / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP
Dating apps have emerged for some as the latest tool to maintain social interactions and love life during this time of health crisis. But criminals have also taken the opportunity to scam users. In total, more than four million scams were recorded on these applications in 2020 by Arkose Labs, a platform specializing in fraud and their prevention, reports Presse-Citron.

These crooks have developed a well-established technique. They first try to establish a relationship of trust with the victims by starting a conversation. Then they talk about business and ask the targeted people to invest money, often in bogus trading apps.

Interpol calls for cooperation from authorities in 194 countries

Once the victims have transferred the money, the criminals disappear… Interpol, therefore, wishes to warn against this type of practice based on breach of trust.

The International Criminal Police Organization has published a purple notice aimed at "researching or sharing information on operating methods, objects, devices and methods of concealment used by criminals". This notice has been filed with 194 countries in order to alert but also to encourage the cooperation of local authorities.