Messenger chosen by four out of five messaging users

Messenger chosen by four out of five messaging users

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WhatsApp is in second position with 61% of messaging users

The Facebook group continues to reign supreme in the instant messaging application market. (Illustration) - Jenny Kane / AP / SIPA

Statista, a German company specializing in statistics, published a study on Tuesday on the instant messaging applications most used by the French in 2020. Unsurprisingly, those of Facebook are largely ahead.

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Snapchat in third place

Indeed, according to the study carried out this summer, 79% of French users regularly use Facebook Messenger, which makes this messaging application the most popular in the country. In the second place, we find another service now belonging to the group of Mark Zuckerberg: WhatsApp, acclaimed by 61% of the French.

Next, come Snapchat (36%), Skype (17%), Discord (8%), Google Hangouts (6%), Viber and Telegram (5%), then Signal (2%). If these last two applications are not yet widespread in France, they have experienced an explosion in their downloads for a few weeks.

WhatsApp boycotted

Between January 4 and 17, the Signal app was installed 47 million times, which is an increase of 9,500% over the previous two weeks. For Telegram, the number of downloads topped 33 million over the same period.

This sudden popularity is partly explained by a boycott of the WhatsApp application since it announced a change in its terms of use. Facebook will soon be able to access messaging data. In the face of general discontent, the decision will not come into force until May 15, and not February 8.