Instagram is testing a new form of posting for Stories

Instagram is testing a new form of posting for Stories

Violet Field inHigh TechJan 6, 2021 2 min read6 views

The new design displays several stories at the same time in the form of a "carousel"

The Instagram application (illustration). - Jenny Kane / AP

The display of stories could soon change on Instagram, especially on computers. The social network is currently testing a new design for its stories, indicates Engadget relayed by 01net.

So far, stories displayed on the desktop take up all the space on the screen. An interface that is neither very intuitive nor very practical and does not correspond to the horizontal format of computer screens. The developers of Instagram have therefore thought about a new display mode for the web version of the social network.

Easily zap stories

Spotted by Engadget journalists, the new display does not take up the entire screen. On the other hand, the stories of several contacts are displayed simultaneously - it is, therefore, easier to navigate between them or access a particular story.

01net was also able to access this display but on mobile. The “carousel” view appears on a smartphone when the user moves from one story to another. The latter can therefore ignore several stories to, once again, reach those that interest him. The test of this new design has been confirmed by Instagram. It could, within a few months, concern all devices.