Google to shut down printing service in 2021

Google to shut down printing service in 2021

Violet Field inHigh TechJan 3, 2021 2 min read2 views

As of January 1, Google Cloud Print will stop working

Google to close its printing service in 2021 - Geeko

As announced last year, Google's print service is in its last hours. The Mountain View firm is preparing to shut down Google Cloud Print, its remote printing application for Android smartphones or tablets. The software was compatible with printers from several manufacturers and made it easy to print documents without having to download manufacturer software or connect your PC to the printer.

Google had announced its plan to close its service in November 2019. At the time, the American firm had not given a reason for this. Unfortunately, a year later, on the eve of the closure of Google Cloud Print, the web giant has still not justified its choice.

Without explanation

For users, the only solution is to download the application from the manufacturer of their printer. This is the option recommended by Google. While some applications are pretty well thought out, not all of them. It will most likely take some time for users to become familiar with it.

If Google does not give an explanation for the closure of its app, we can still assume that the service was not used very much. Little known, Google Cloud Print was certainly no match for the dedicated applications of printer manufacturers.

Finally, it is not surprising that Google is pulling the line on its service. The Mountain View firm indeed regularly cleans its applications and services. Since its inception, Google has killed more than 190 products.