Europe wants to put in place a "shield" against cyber attacks

Europe wants to put in place a "shield" against cyber attacks

Violet Field inHigh TechDec 27, 2020 2 min read1 views

The cyber shield will rely on artificial intelligence to detect early signs of cyber attacks

Europe wants to set up a “shield” against cyberattacks - Geeko

After presenting its new proposals for platform regulation, the European Commission unveiled its new cybersecurity strategy. Its objective is to propose an overhaul of the regulatory framework in force in Europe, but above all to set up a network of interconnected operational centers, in order to protect Europe from cyberattacks. Objectives which could materialize through the creation of a European cyber shield that would rely on artificial intelligence to "detect weak signs sufficiently early, heralding malicious intentions".

“It is urgent for Europe to strengthen its technological, operational, and political means enabling it to face a large-scale cyber attack, which would simultaneously affect several countries of the Union. Our objectives are clear: to detect, defend, dissuade ”, we can read in the column signed by Thierry Breton and Margaritis Schinas, European Commissioners, in Ouest France.

Towards a cybersecurity union

This is why the solution of a cyber shield common to the EU was mentioned. The latter would take the form of "a network of security operations centers (…) capable of detecting the signs of a cyberattack early enough and enabling proactive action before damage is done".

By setting up a “joint cyber unit”, cooperation and exchange of intelligence on cyber issues would be facilitated and promoted between the different Member States. This unit could be put in place at the start of 2021.

A CyClone network will also be set up. It is a network of European cybersecurity agencies for the preparation and management of cyber crises by the Member States of the European Union.