Brexit obliges, 81,000 British sites hosted under ".eu" suspended

Brexit obliges, 81,000 British sites hosted under ".eu" suspended

Violet Field inHigh TechJan 8, 2021 2 min read12 views

The owners of the sites in question have three months to justify their management of a European site and thus keep their domain name.

The European domain name .eu, reserved for citizens of EU countries. (illustration) - John Thys AFP / Archives

More than 81,000 UK websites have recently been suspended and are no longer available on the Internet. And for good reason: these sites have the European domain name ".eu" while Brexit has been officially announced.

Since January 1, the United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union. According to Eurid, the registry manager for ".eu" domain names, its citizens can no longer use this extension to host their website. The tens of thousands of sites concerned have therefore been suspended, reports ZDNet relayed by Presse-Citron.

Three months to regularize

According to a European Commission regulation, “.eu” websites can effectively only be attributed to citizens of an EU member country. British sites hosted under this domain have therefore become foreign sites. The European Commission had drafted a document in 2018 to warn domain owners of this possibility. The United Kingdom then had more than 300,000 “.eu” sites. Many citizens, therefore, saw the restriction coming and made arrangements to be accommodated under another domain.

There are therefore 81,000 affected websites. Eurid specifies that their owners have three months to come forward and justify to the EU their management of a site stamped "Europe" in order to keep the domain name. After March 31, all illegitimate sites will be removed and the corresponding domain names will be available again from January 2022.