Apple withdraws app that used to organize secret parties

Apple withdraws app that used to organize secret parties

Violet Field inHigh TechDec 31, 2020 2 min read13 views

The platform made it possible to organize private gatherings and to reserve access to people previously validated

Illustrative photo of a party. - Canva / 20 Minutes

Apple recently removed from its App Store the application "Vybe Together", designed to facilitate parties that were prohibited during the health crisis linked to the coronavirus. The platform, available on iOS, makes it possible to organize a private meeting and limit access to participants who have previously validated it, explains The Verge. The latter receive the address where the evening takes place a few hours before its launch.

The device obliges guests to provide various information on which the organizer relies to decide whether or not to accept their presence. A majority of the events offered via the app are in fact illegal in many territories, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Vybe Together account was also banned from TikTok, where its tagline suggested "Be rebels, start your party."

Managers remove content

Those responsible for the platform have also removed a large part of the content they had posted themselves. Among those pages was a FAQ where Vybe Together reminded us that the app was not promoting large-scale parties. She described them as "very dangerous" and claimed to favor the "compromise" represented by "small gatherings".

Some terrible people built a whole app for finding and promoting COVID-unsafe large, indoor house parties and they're using TikTok to market it to millions of ppl.

- Taylor Lorenz (@TaylorLorenz) December 29, 2020

Before its removal by Apple and TikTok, whose accounts had 139 subscribers, the app had been singled out by a reporter for the New York Times .“Horrible people have developed an app to find and promote big, dangerous indoor parties in times of Covid and they are using TikTok to market them,” she denounced on Twitter on Tuesday.