Apple sued for failing to remove Telegram from the App Store

Apple sued for failing to remove Telegram from the App Store

Violet Field inHigh TechJan 20, 2021 2 min read0 views

Non-profit organization blames Apple brand for letting neo-Nazi groups communicate on app to "carry out terrorist activity"

The Coalition for a Safer Web (CSW), an association that fights extremist content on social networks, has just sued Apple in the United States. It demands that the Apple brand withdraws Telegram from the App Store, its application store, reports Apple Insider, relayed by Presse-Citron.

A complaint was filed this Sunday in California by a non-profit organization located in Washington. The CSW deplores the inaction of the Cupertino company. According to her, the latter would refuse to oust the messaging application of Russian origin, knowing that it is used to "facilitate and carry out terrorist activity".

For every seditionist neo-Nazi fleeing Parler to Telegram, Gab, & all the other web-based roach hostels we are on your trail. You can run, but you can't hide. The Coalition for a Safer Web = the Terminix of extremists. We are awaiting your arrival.

- Marc Ginsberg (@ambmcg) January 15, 2021

An explosive context

The association refers in particular to the incidents on Capitol Hill provoked by pro-Trump supporters on January 6. The collective even estimated in June that Telegram is "a communication channel for the Russian government and affiliated neo-Nazi and white nationalist groups."

According to CSW, encrypted messaging sows “disinformation and racial division in the United States and Europe”. Removing it from the App Store would therefore be essential in a context where the American authorities fear that the inauguration of Joe Biden will be marred by violence on Wednesday.

Will the purge reach Telegram?

Especially since extremist Internet users banned from traditional social networks seem to gradually migrate to Signal or Telegram according to the Financial Times. The tech giants have been purging conspiratorial or seditious Internet users from their platforms for a few days.

Parler, the conservative's popular social network, has been removed from Apple and Google's app stores. Amazon has prevented him from accessing its servers. Even Telegram announced last Wednesday that it had suppressed public groups of white supremacists.