An anti-Covid keypad lamp

An anti-Covid keypad lamp

Violet Field inHigh TechJan 18, 2021 2 min read11 views

Thanks to its UV-C light, known for its germicidal properties, the Targus lamp sanitizes office equipment

An anti-Covid and antibacterial keyboard lamp - Geeko

The coronavirus health crisis has been fertile ground for companies and tech start-ups. For several months, we have seen the appearance of many high-tech products designed to fight against the spread of the virus. At CES 2021, props company Targus unveiled several new anti-Covid accessories.

The manufacturer thus presented a desk lamp intended to disinfect keyboards, mice, and smartphones. The purpose of the lamp is not to illuminate office equipment, but to sanitize it with its UV-C LED disinfection light.

The lamp can easily be stacked on top of a keyboard, mouse, or another medium-sized object. Every hour and for five minutes, it will project UV-C light to eliminate the proliferating microorganisms. Thanks to its motion sensors, the lamp will wait before starting its cleaning cycle if it detects the use of the keyboard or mouse.

“When the automatic disinfection cycle begins, the light emits an ambient purple tint indicating that it is in use. The UV-C LED is then activated and begins to break down the DNA of the microorganisms in the active disinfection zone. Safety measures are built into the light, including automatic shutdown functions that use motion sensors, ”explains the props.

A wide range of antimicrobial products

Targus also showcased a backpack, laptop sleeve, and anti-bacterial privacy screens. Both have an antimicrobial coating. These new products show how hygiene is now at the heart of the concerns of accessory manufacturers.

The products presented during CES 2021 should certainly find a clientele, especially in the case of shared offices. You will have to wait until spring to get the UV-C lamp or the antimicrobial backpack. The props maker did not reveal the prices for this new range of products.